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Hello, once again, and thank you for coming by! Here’s another snippet from my erotic, speculative, romance book, Daughter of the Moon, Book 1: Surface. It’s book 1 of a 2-book series.

In this segment, our hero, Mikhail, is doing a wrestling workout with his good friend Charles. Charles has plans for Sonata (our heroine), that Mikhail finds repulsive.

Mikhail became visibly enraged at Charles’ commentary. He’d known Charles for fifteen years and was well aware of his sexual dominance with women, but he’d never seen Charles so calculating. He was furious at Charles’ implied plan to teach Sonata how to be a submissive, and then discard her as boring. To take a beautiful, fragile, eager, virginal creature and train her to become what only the most experienced and jaded sophisticates became, was just too ruthless. Mikhail’s angry growl would have made a less arrogant man than Charles back down.

Muscles bulging with effort, Mikhail pushed Charles off and moved behind him.

Thank you for joining me here for 6 Sentence Sunday. Please don’t miss the other 6 Sentence Sunday offerings at And if you want more info about Daughter of the Moon, or any of my books, there are excerpts and buy links here on my site.

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead, and I hope to see you back here on Wednesday, for Horny Hump Day!


  1. Hope Mikhail’s going to teach him a lesson.

    • Charles has been Mikhail’s friend for a long time, so Mikhail isn’t going to strangle him…much. But he’s definitely going to give Charles something to think seriously about. Thanks for commenting, Pippa!

  2. Strong six! I love Mikhail already – he’s hero material all the way! 🙂

    • Thanks, Zee! I’ll share a little bit of Mikhail’s sex appeal on Wednesday, then on to the story’s heroine next week. I appreciate your coming by to visit.

  3. Sounds like Charles is about to get a lesson in submission 😀

  4. Nice way to show Mikhail’s character.

  5. I think I hear the sound of jealous protectiveness in that growl. Nice display of testosterone. Great six!

  6. Love Mikhail, hate Charles!

  7. Oo I love the mashup of speculative and erotic/romance. Great title. Hope Mikhail teaches Charles a thing or two.

    • Thanks, Cate. It’s a favorite of mine too, but the speculative part is hard to find these days. Hopefully, people aren’t just reading the juicy bits! I’m glad you were able to come over.

  8. Uh oh. Charles is in big trouble!

  9. I think Charles is about to get his comeuppance!

  10. I’m in love with Mikhail. 😉

  11. He’s quite the hero. Nice job!

  12. A wonderful six, showing his virtues. 🙂

  13. Intriguing six, Patricia. I hope he kicks Charles’ ass! 🙂

  14. Great characters and will try and remember about Wednesday 😀

    • I hope to see you there, Sue. My characters and I would miss you if you didn’t come by. There will be more Daughter of the Moon…a lovely sexy part. Thank you for commenting!

  15. Nice! I like the name Mikhail and your title is catchy.

    • It’s funny, Bianca, I used to name all my heroes “Michael.” Then, of course, I’d have to go back through and globally replace the name with a different one. They can’t all be called Michael! But when I hit upon Mikhail for this story, it was right from Moment 1. Thanks for coming by!

  16. Sounds like someone’s going to get a beatdown! Nice six!

    • Thanks, Carly. Oh yes, Charles is gonna get his comeuppance, not only in this encounter, but later in the book as well. Mikhail doesn’t take kindly to Charles’ designs on Sonata. I appreciate your stopping by!

  17. Great insight into Mikhail’s personality. He’s really got that hero mentality. Hope he can get Sonata out of Charles’s clutches. Great six, Patricia!

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