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Hello, and welcome to another 6 Sentence Sunday! I’m spending January sharing teasers from my erotic, speculative, romance book, Daughter of the Moon, Book 1: Surface. It’s book 1 of a 2-book series.

In this snippet, Sonata and Mikhail have been playing a role-playing game with their cohort. It’s a little like Dungeons and Dragons, but all high tech and shiny. Sonata has lost this game at the very last stage, when only she and Mikhail remained in the game. Mikhail has chosen what he wants as a prize.

“I beg for your mercy,” Sonata ground out, throwing each word in Mikhail’s face. “I have lost the ultimate challenge, and ask you to accept–”

“Physical service from now until Monday at noon,” prompted Larry.

“Physical service from now until Monday at noon,” she growled.

Mikhail, clearly undaunted, smiled from ear to ear. “I accept this prize.”

You have to wonder what physical service Mikhail is expecting. Betcha already know.

Thank you for joining me here for 6 Sentence Sunday. Please don’t miss the other 6 Sentence Sunday offerings at And if you want more info about Daughter of the Moon, or any of my books, there are excerpts and links here on my site.

Have a great day!


  1. That’s quite an open prize. I liked your six.

    • Thank you, Jayel. Yes, the prizes for that game are pretty liberal, but these people think a little more like the free-love generation–until they go crashing into true love, of course. Then it’s a different situation, as Sonata and Mikhail find out for themselves. Glad you could be here, and thanks for commenting.

  2. Do we find out more about that service he’s referring to next week? 😉

    • You can find out more on Wednesday, Carly, and then another segment on SSS. All through January. Fortunately, this is a full-length book, so I won’t run out of fun parts too soon! Thanks for dropping in and commenting.

  3. Wow, I’d be a very sore loser in that situation!

  4. Lol! She’s in for some trouble, but I bet she’ll relish it in the end 🙂

  5. Well, I can at least imagine the sort of ‘service’ he’s got in mind. 😉

  6. Uh Oh…I suspect she’s in for some (delicious) trouble!

  7. Thanks, Jennifer. More as the month progresses. They have a sparky relationship. I appreciate you dropping in!

  8. Can’t wait to find out what comes next!

  9. Fun setup. Please share more next week!

    • Thank you, Karysa! I’m more than happy to comply. I’ll be focused on this book throughout January, including some hot, hot, hot snippets on Wednesdays for Horny Hump Day. Come by again for more! And, thank you for being here today and commenting.

  10. Another reason to hate losing…? Or will she like it in the end?

  11. Nice six–love how she’s supposed to beg him to accept the prize. I can almost see the grudging expression on her face.

  12. Oh, yes, I’m sure I can guess. 😉 A great six!

  13. Sounds like an interesting game, a little bit dangeruos, a lot sexy, I’m guessing? Nice six. 🙂

  14. Wow, that “comment” button was well hidden!
    Intriguing six. Great speculative, futuristically archaic sounding voice!

  15. Sorry, the previous comment was made my evil twin who couldn’t keep track of her life if you paid her. :S

    Patricia, I liked the set up and I liked her frustration. It’s great conflict for later. Well done six. 🙂

  16. I’d snarl, too. I can imagine what he expects. Fun six, Angela.

  17. “Physical service” takes in a lot of territory. Will be interesting if she can serve the man who’s mastered her at the game. Great six!

    • He is very masterful, too, Gem. They have a tempestuous relationship, but oh boy is it fun when they make up. Glad you could be here. Thanks for commenting!

  18. Physical service – well, that covers a fairly wide spectrum, so should be interesting, to say the least!

  19. Hm, she might have insisted on more specific terms – so she doesn’t really object? 🙂

  20. Love the picture and the teaser!

  21. Intriguing – I should go back and catch up

    • Thanks for being here, Sue. I’m focusing on this particular book all month, including in my Horny Hump Day posts on Wednesdays. I hope what you find piques your interest!

  22. Well I doubt he wants her to cook and clean and serve him dinner. Though I guess that would depend on what he intended to eat. LOL I don’t know I’d like to play this game–stakes seem awfully high, unless the winner was really hot! I think Sonata’s not going to hate service so much. 🙂 Wonderful six!

  23. Hmm, this sounds like a very fun game!

    • It’s something I’d like to play, that’s for sure. I did a lot of research on virtual reality schemes before writing this book and the sequel. I’m glad you were able to drop in, Lisa. Thanks.

  24. “Physical service” — nice! Sounds like a fun setup.

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