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Review GraphicHi, everyone! I have great news. Daughter of the Moon, Book 1: Surface, just got a 5-star review and a wonderful blog review from Grinelda Markowitz. Thank you, Grinelda. May you win the lottery!

You can find her reviews on Amazon and her blog.

If you haven’t read the Daughter of the Moon series yet and you want to know more, you can start with this blurb:

140 years in the future is a time when: neo-paganism flourishes over other religions; the younger generation has grown up under the stress of a long-standing war; and people live only for the moment, their sexuality free and easy with no threat of disease or unwanted pregnancy. Then, with little warning, the war escalates to nuclear bombs. Daughter of the Moon is the story of a small group of people before and after they must accept life underground in a well-appointed and high-tech shelter they call Articulus (“crisis”). Expecting to spend the next fifteen years or more of their lives in close-quarters, they have to learn to get along when friendships aren’t enough. It isn’t easy, especially when love and sexuality are so easily confused.

Meet Sonata and Mikhail, two people who find each other amidst the turmoil. But Sonata has some deep-dark secrets, and Mikhail can be a seething cauldron inside despite his calm exterior. He wants to make her life better; she isn’t sure she wants help.

In conflict, there is passion.

The book is M/F, sci-fi (speculative) erotic romance with some BDSM.

There is also an excerpt here.

Happy reading and thanks for tuning in!


  1. Congratulations on a Fantastic Review! I loved it when I first read it and this review makes me want to read the book all over again!

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