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Two Men FightingWelcome! Welcome, to another 6 Sentence Sunday here on my site. It’s my pleasure to serve you up tidbits of my work, with the hope that they’ll intrigue you, even just a little. If you’re able, please leave me a comment. I promise I’ll respond.

Today, I’d like to move on to the second book in the Daughter of the Moon series, Daughter of the Moon, Book 2: Depths. We’ll focus on this book throughout the month of February.

Let’s start smack-dab in the beginning of the book. You might recall from book 1 that Charles is Sonata’s ex but he doesn’t like that change. Mikhail has her full attention now, and he won’t take any guff from his former best-friend.

Charles watched Sonata and Mikhail begin to walk out of the clearing, his frustration turning to fury marked by the flush on his tanned face and his downward slanting brown brows. “I see that you’ve become the willing servant at last, Sonata. He no longer even has to speak and you open your arms and legs for him. I don’t suppose that I should be surprised. You were always very obedient for me as well.”

Mikhail gathered up his things and Sonata’s and, taking her by the elbow, began to walk from the clearing, past Charles.

You don’t really think Mikhail is going to take the insult to his sweetheart sitting down, do you? What do you think he’ll do?

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  1. I think Charles is in for some serious bruising–and good thing, too. 🙂

    • A little further in the chapter — like maybe 2 paragraphs — and the reader finds out exactly how Mikhail and Charles reach something like an agreement. Well…that’s a nice way to put it. Thank you for coming by and commenting, Jean Marie.

  2. Bitter, much? Ouch. I hope that Mikhail stands up for her–I wanted to sock him!

  3. I don’t think Charles took the break up very pleasantly. lol Nor do I think Mikhail is going to take the insult lying down.

  4. Oh, bitter words from Charles. Great six! 🙂

  5. Well damn! That was harsh. Fantastic six!

  6. Them’s fightin’ words, no doubt!

    • Charles has a pop in the nose coming to him, that’s for sure. I guess the question would be: will this escalate? Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Monica.

  7. I think Charles is itching for a fight. Nice tension, Patricia. 🙂

  8. Ouch! I don’t think Mikhail is gonna put up with someone being disrespectful to Sonata. I can feel the tension already. Great six!

  9. uh-oh, sounds like things are going to get pretty heated!

  10. Good characterizations – and what does she think of all this?

    • Well, Sue, Sonata is pretty torn. She’s wanted to give Charles the benefit of the doubt, but that’s becoming impossible. Thanks for your visit and comment!

  11. Wow, that really puts you in the middle of the action!

  12. Love the tension and Mikhail’s confidence!

  13. Oooh. Ouch! He insulted her! Great six.

  14. Charles plays dirty! Love their names. Great snippet!

    • Charles has his moments of poor judgment…lots of them where Mikhail and Sonata are concerned. I’m glad you like the names. Names are so important; I put a lot of thought into them. Thanks for joining me today!

  15. This scene sets up a lot of Depths’ action and characterizations. Charles and Mikhail are in for a long haul, with poor Sonata caught in the middle. Great way to begin the month of February, Patricia. Excellent six.

  16. It’s on! Great six, well done.

  17. Such drama! Nothing like a little jealousy to fuel the passions.

  18. I think someone is going to get punched. Yay!

  19. I’m guessing Charles isn’t a very nice person..!

    • Charles is rather vicious where Sonata is concerned. Fortunately, Mikhail is aware of it and isn’t afraid to deal with it. Thank you, Gayle, for coming by and leaving a comment.

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