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Cover: Convo With CuervoIt’s Valentine’s Day, and a lot of people are wondering what the heck happened. They’re alone again for another year, or for the first year in a long time. How depressing! To cheer you up or make you feel a little smug, here’s a free Valentine’s Day Exclusive, just for you.

Becky Sue has a problem. It’s been a rotten day and Valentine’s Day is on the calendar for tomorrow. Unfortunately, she hasn’t got a Valentine with whom to spend it. She decides to drown her bad tidings in a few tequila shooters, and when gorgeous attorney Nick Papadakos approaches her, she has a hard time controlling her libido. She fights the urge to seduce the nummy Nick, but the liquor in her bloodstream is all for it. Becky Sue knows it’s better to hold back and take it slow, but will the devilish, Señor Cuervo, make her misbehave?

Read Convo With Cuervo to find out.

M/F, Contemporary, Western, Pure Romance, Sweet with a few naughty words. 2,200 words.


  1. Very sweet story. I had to cook, but hey, at least I got a rose…lol

    Hope your Valentine’s Day was good.

    • Valentine’s Day isn’t too much of an event around the Green household. We’re both spoiled with lots of love every day.

      I’m glad you got your rose! A little thoughtfulness goes a long way.

  2. Splendid story, Patricia! Very sweet and perfect for Valentine’s Day. Hope your day is just as sweet! Loved reading your work as always. 🙂

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