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Cover: Liv's Journey Blushing BooksTo my total delight and awe, Liv’s Journey, the first in the Journey Family series, was released on Blushing Books today. It moved from the Spanking Romance membership site onto the main Blushing storefront, and now anyone can buy it. That means you!

Please check out the info on Liv’s Journey here on the website, and then get your copy at Blushing Books. Ebooks only, but a whole host of formats. While you’re there, take a look at all that Blushing Books has to offer to readers who like a little hanky-spanky with their romance.

Here’s a direct link. Go forth and read!


  1. Jenna’s right that is a perfect cover. Tempted to order it again for my keeper shelf.

  2. Fantastic news, Trish! And I love the cover! It fits the story so well. I’ll be downloading ASAP!

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