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Lightly Spanked Female BottomSometimes, when I’m talking about my writing to people who are open-minded, I describe my current projects as “spanking romance.” I haven’t always worked with strong spanking themes, but I am now, and it hearkens back to my early reading of historical romance from the 70s and 80s, when spanking was much more commonplace in mainstream works. I’ve always enjoyed romance stories with plucky heroines who sometimes overstep and need a bit of a OTK (over the knee) reminding to mind their manners. That may make me a little odd to some, and it certainly gets titters and odd looks from people. Occasionally, it’s a conversation stopper. But, the fact is, it’s a sub-genre that has a steady readership.

A close friend also has an interest in spanking stories, and he was enthusiastic about a few spanking fiction sites he’d found on the ‘net. I was between projects at the time, so checked into them. The one I found most enjoyable was Blushing Books. I looked through what they had to offer, bought a few delicious looking books, and checked out their sister sites, and Bethany’s Woodshed. I was enraptured by what I found at this triplet of tasty sites. It made me want to write for them. So I did!

In traditional historical romance from the 20th century, there were often situations where the heroine needed a few swats to get her attention or make a point regarding her safety or behavior. It often drew the hero and heroine closer together, and had a sexy component (though those early books didn’t really fall into an “erotic” category, they were pretty titillating). Spanking was used to emphasize that a woman needed self-control and if she couldn’t produce it herself, she was going to get if from an external source. I didn’t mind the sexism then, and I don’t mind it now.

In current, contemporary romance, spanking isn’t prevalent. It kind of got lost in the rise of feminism and uber-heroines. Nothing wrong with that, times change. But it does leave those of us with an interest in spanking romance to find resources beyond the Big Six publishing houses and their interest in political correctness.

Enter Fifty Shades by E L James and an interesting spanking scene therein. A scene that has a lot of otherwise thoroughly modern women quaking in their lust. I can’t speculate where that is going to lead us, but based on the enormous popularity of the Fifty Shades trilogy, I’m guessing you’ll see a few more spankings in contemporary romance novels on your supermarket shelves very soon.

Trends in publishing are fascinating, and the spanking trope is only one. It’s one that I’m happy to take advantage of and, of course, I’m hoping that it’s on the upswing. I’m unlikely to hit the author lottery like Ms James, but if I can entertain a broader spectrum of readers, I’ll be a happy camper.

Here’s a little spanking sample. This is from Liv’s Journey, now available at Blushing Books and Amazon.

At first, there was a cool breeze on her bare bottom, as the pecan trees shielded her from the harsh sun. Birds chirped incessantly; it seemed like all the birds in the world came to Texas in the spring. Trey’s thighs under her belly were warm and hard and there was a growing lump against her left hip where his excited cock lay tucked into his jeans. As his hand passed over her bottom, Trey hummed softly. It was a sound of pleasure, a calm sound, a controlled sound.

Liv’s heart beat faster, knowing what that sound presaged. The humiliation of being bare-assed and over his lap was nothing compared to what was to come.

The sharp retort of the strap on her butt cheeks silenced the birds entirely. Some flew away in fright. And it hurt, but Liv gasped not out of pain but surprise at the sudden smack. Even knowing that it was to come, the exact moment it fell was always one second before it was expected. The first blow was still echoing through her mind when there was a second, third, and fourth. Heat blossomed over her rear and a sharp sting became a bright bloom. She moaned as the count rose above ten, and she couldn’t help but squirm.

“Still, angel.” His free hand pressed down on her back to keep her steady. She couldn’t do it herself. Her body wanted to wriggle away from the pain. Or, parts of it did. Some parts, the parts that sometimes wouldn’t heed her better judgment, got wet and slick and very ready for the reward Trey would share with her.

As the count reached twenty-two, tears began to stream from Liv’s eyes and her moans became sobs. She wanted this spanking, she knew she both needed and deserved it. Tears would cleanse any lingering feelings of guilt over poor behavior and her reward for taking her punishment would be hot, hotter than her flaming ass.

Liv lost count after twenty-five blows from the strap. She knew her bottom would be striped and fiery red. She’d seen it in the mirror after times like this. Perversely, she wore those stripes like a badge for the day or two they lingered. She’d earned her pleasure. She’d paid for her transgressions. Conflict was over and only sweet contentment remained.

Crying freely, she sobbed and sniffled as the spanking stopped. Trey’s big, hot hand glided over her stinging behind reverently, and sometimes a finger would trace one of the welts left by the strap.

“I’m sorry,” she said, her voice thick and watery.

His fingers slipped between her legs and found her pool of excitement. Her hot face got hotter. “You gonna be a good girl now and mind when I’m tellin’ you to do what you know you should?”

“It’s a habit…”

“A habit we need to get you over or you’ll be miserable, Liv.”

His fingers dipped deeper into her pussy and explored a little. A wave of pure desire washed through Liv’s belly.

“Yeah,” she agreed, though her mind was on those fingers.



  1. Grinelda Markowitz

    it’s interesting to get perspective on this sub-genre and frequent practice amongst couples. i recall reading erotica (when i was well under the age to do so) in which the main female character rcvd a spanking from a shrink who then carted her off for a bit of psychoanalysis. i never would have realized how popular the practice was. very informative article.

    • The entire concept of spanking in the media is far from new. Consider the lovely spanking scene between John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in The Quiet Man (1952 – before my time but a favorite of mine) or the famous spank delivered by Spencer Tracy on Katharine Hepburn in Adam’s Rib (1949). These romances were wonderful and both women deserved those swats!

  2. Patricia – I loved your teaser. Very Hot. I very much agree with you about more spanking elements turning up in mainstream romance.

    Great post!

  3. You’ve now gotten me interested, Patricia, in a history of the spanking romance. Did the genre exist before the 20th century? Do you know what the first one was and who wrote it? I’ve become quite a fan of the genre through reading your books.

    I agree that we have modernized the historical romance to the point heroines’ behavior is the exception rather than the norm. But many women today don’t want to read about heroines who don’t have an independent streak in them. And historically women have had more backbone than we probably give them credit for, but they had to often mask it or probably be spanked or worse. Kathleen Woodiwiss’ first book, The Flame and the Flower had one such heroine who seemed meek and submissive, but who really managed to get her way throughout.

    Great, provocative post, Patricia.

    • I don’t know the full history of fiction with strong spanking themes. I ought to go for a Master’s in Literature and explore the topic! 🙂 I do know that there was quite a bit of spanking erotica in The Pearl, a magazine popular in England in 1879 until it was shut down pursuant to obscenity law violations. I read the compendium of its issues many years ago. I suspect that a more extensive search would bring forth more incidences of spanking themes in literature.

      Kathleen Woodiwiss was, and remains, one of my favorite authors–especially her early works. I wish I could write like that!

  4. Leslie C. Ferdinand

    I don’t mind spanking scenes at all. However, I don’t settle on one genre either, so I’m pretty open-minded about the things I read. In some instances, to me, historical heroines have become too modernized. I love a strong-willed, spunky heroine but I also keep in mind the era in which I’m reading about. The portrayal of historical heroines were sexist, but, in context with the era, I didn’t mind it. I’ve always thought that a contemporary heroine would be less willing to submit to spankings. On the other hand, we can stand on our own two feet in today’s society, so the thought of giving up control to the man of our dreams might be quite thrilling.

    BTW, I love the excerpt. Liv’s Journey is on my to-buy list.

    • I think historical context is super-important, Leslie, so we’re in agreement. There is no denying that women were treated much differently in previous eras than they are today, both in fiction and reality. I like to give my spanking romance heroines some spine, but also a sense of morality that allows them to want to pay a price for their mistakes (often a spanking) and clear the air. I also like a spanking component to the erotic parts of the books. There’s a lot you can do with it, if you play with it enough.

      Thanks for adding Liv’s Journey to your list. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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