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Mother’s Day is probably my least favorite day of the year. Not because I haven’t enjoyed being a mom – I have – but because I never get to spend it with my daughters. They live thousands of miles away. Phone calls, cards, presents in the mail, these are all thoughtful things but they’re not the same as an in-person hug or a quiet cup of coffee together.

CondomsI don’t get very into motherhood in my spanking novellas, but I do get into planned pregnancies. As a mother of daughters (my girls are twins in their early 20s), it’s something that’s important to me. In all my spanking books, the couples use condoms – except for two. In Spanking Her Highness (Journey series book 3), Queenie and Will get so hot and bothered that they forget. It’s hard to say whether they get “lucky” or not (depends on how traditional you are), but they do get pregnant. There is never a question about having the baby, and maybe that’s old-fashioned of me. Let’s just say I’m not motivated to make things go some other way. Will and Queenie find their way to parenthood. I wrote a short story about them and Ace & Gabby (from Journey series book 2—Ace-high Flush), dealing with parenthood rather extensively. I believe that short story will be part of an anthology released by Blushing Books later in the year. Parenthood is taken very seriously by the Journeys, which is as it should be.

The other book which deals with taking a chance is my most recent work, Jackie Draws a Straight. This is Journey series book 5. Jackie and her beau, Dr. Pete Kaminsky, make some decisions about possible pregnancy and they’re both prepared before they take the plunge. Condoms are an option they consider carefully.

Smiling BabyI can’t stress enough to young women and men that planning for parenthood is a mature and intelligent thing to do. When your hormones and libido are racing, it’s tough to think about something that might or might not happen nine months later, but it is super-important.

Being a mom is a blessing and a joy. Planning for it makes it that much more special.

I miss my daughters, but they were part of a mature decision to become a parent. I like to think that’s the way I approach the pleasure of parenthood in my books.

By the way, Ace-High Flush is now available on both Blushing Books and New release! Enjoy Journey book 2 as part of your library.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and soon-to-be moms out there!


  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Patricia! Wonderful, thoughtful post. And you’re right, making a decision to be a mother is the best and most responsible thing to do. Then this awe-filled experience will not be something to regret. I’m sorry you can’t be with your daughters today, but I hope you can be with them as much as possible, through calls and emails.

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