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Cover: Ace-High FlushHave you read the first Journey book — Liv’s Journey? Next up is Ace-High Flush, the story of eldest brother Ace Journey and much younger curvy model Gabriella Appleby. It all started with a harsh spanking in Liv’s Journey, but now they’re finding their way to something else, something erotically delicious but heart-swelling, too.

Cover: Liv's Journey Blushing BooksMake your way over to Blushing Books or Amazon and pick yourself up a copy of Ace-High Flush. It can stand alone, but if you really want an introduction to the Journey clan, pick up multi-5-Star rated Liv’s Journey as well. It’s the starting point for the 6-book Journey family series being released by Blushing Books this year. All will be available on Blushing Books and Amazon for anyone who wants to get them — no membership required.

Join me on this journey into sizzling romance.

Blurb for Ace-High Flush:

Gabriella Appleby is a struggling young, large-size model who can’t quite behave. She tries, but sometimes telling the truth just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. Making foolish choices also seems to be high on her list of to-do items.

Ace Journey is interested in Gabby, and cares about her enough to want to make an indelible impression on her. No one has taught her to behave, and he figures he’s the man to do it. Although their New York/New Jersey rendezvous takes him out of his natural element, his ranch in Texas, he’s smart and capable, and more than a match for the city streets.

Gabby wants Ace, and Ace wants Gabby. Unfortunately, her errors in judgment lead them to a fork in the road where they must part. Miserable about it, they find that an unlikely matchmaker—billionaire Jonny Chow—steps in to show them just how much they mean to each other.

Available now at Blushing Books and Amazon.


  1. Wonderful read! Ace Journey is a man to make you melt–and to melt in your mouth! But then I do like older men. 🙂 This is such an engaging series! Sure hope to see more of Ace and Gabby as we go along. Congratulations on your release, Patricia! May you sell a million–this month. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenna. Those Journey men… They do make me drool, and I know just how difficult they can be! LOL Thanks for saying such nice things.


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