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If you’re here for the Cocked ‘n Loaded Blog Hop. It’s here.

Today is wine day on Saturday Sips. Wine is a huge topic, far too complex for exploration here, but it’s a very popular alcoholic drink. Whether you prefer red, white, or rose, sparkling or flat, spicy or crisp, there’s a kind of wine out there for you.

Cover: Strong, Silent TypeTo stick with the wine theme, I’ll give you a segment from my recent release, The Strong, Silent Type, from Blushing Books. You can see the trailer, blurb and links to character profiles and another excerpt for this fun spanking romance here.

In this snippet, erstwhile criminal Mae Weston is coming over to dinner with the guy she’s crazy about (in spite of, or maybe because he spanks her). Drake Stillwater, Native American police chief, has made them a gourmet dinner.

It was a pleasant house, open and airy, with pale, butter yellow leather seating and glass tables. A pair of torchieres stood sentinel near cushy chairs, just right for reading. He had a large-screen TV across from the couch, and a satellite stereo setup beneath it. The glass coffee table was shiny clean, with a Sports Illustrated and—of all things—the latest issue of Hunka Chunka. Mae looked from the magazine glaring there to Drake’s face and he grinned. She got hot all over and knew that she must be blushing to the roots of her red hair.

“You’re proud of yourself, aren’t you?” she said with a sniff.

“Hey, I got the idea from you!”

“I never…I mean ta say…I was bored, and I found it somewhere…and…”

“You found it somewhere: in your mailbox.”

She bit her lower lip wondering if she should go on denying it. Heck, he already knew she liked spanking, why not admit to being curious about other things as well? “Okay, you got me. I’m a pervert.”

He laughed. “You’re my pervert.”

She grinned. That declaration felt mighty nice. “What smells so good?”

“Chicken mousse-stuffed zucchini flowers, fresh green beans and salad.”

“Oh, I almost forgot!” She held out the plastic bag. He took it with his oven mitted hand and opened it.

“Condoms and wine.” He smiled devilishly. “Well, I don’t drink, but I do use condoms. Thank you.”

You can get a copy of The Strong, Silent Type at Blushing Books, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Wine and AccoutrementsIf you want to learn a little more about wine, there’s a great book—really almost a textbook—on wine: Kevin Zraly’s Complete Wine Course. It’s very comprehensive.

Here’s a cocktail made from wine. It’s not the usual spritzer.

On the Vine
(From the book 1001 Cocktails from Parragon Publishing.)

This is done in “measures” so you can make as many as you like. The recipe given here is for one cocktail.

½ measure apricot brandy (adding more will make the alcohol content higher)
dash grenadine
½ cup white wine (or to taste)
soda water
a tiny bunch of grapes

Stir the brandy and ice in a large cocktail glass or wine goblet.
Add the grenadine and then pour on the wine.
Top with soda for a lighter drink.
Garnish the glass with grapes.


Have a little fun with this cocktail, and don’t miss The Wine Song, by the Youngbloods, c. 1967.


  1. Grinelda Markowitz

    i checked out your previous in the saturday sips entries and enjoyed it. i don’t drink but there was a time i did and would probably have enjoyed this. my drink of choice until i left california was champagne kir.

  2. The back and forth between these characters–body language, dialogue,is fantastic!

  3. Your cocktails make me wish I drank more. LOL Sounds delicious! And so does Strong, Silent Type. It’s on my TBR list for the beach, so sometime this week! YEAH! The chemistry between these two seems to sizzle, just in the excerpts. Can’t wait for the whole thing. 🙂

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