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Document GraphicI want to apologize to everyone about my hit and miss presence here on the blog lately. I’m having some health issues (nothing too serious, I assure you) that are making me have to carefully pick and choose which projects I work on with limited time at the computer.

One of the exciting things I’m working on is a blog tour for Patricia Green Spanking Romance. That will premier in September, but all the ground work is being laid now. I’ll be sharing a lot of cool articles and some interviews with you along the way.

Thank you to you, my loyal followers, for your patience while I work at getting better and getting the blog tour materials written.

My best to you,



  1. hope you’re able to get things resolved soon. take care.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Trish! Looking forward to the blog tour and your interviews and posts! 🙂

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