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If you’re here for Horny Hump Day, thank you! Please scroll down one post.

Cover: Liv's Journey Blushing BooksLiv’s Journey, book 1 of the Journey Family series got 5 spiders today in a review at Close Encounters With the Night Kind. Nikki found the book “unusual and creative” as well as other really complimentary things. I hope you’ll stop over at Close Encounters With the Night Kind and let Nikki know you’re paying attention. Or leave a comment here — I’d like to know what you think, too!

If you leave a comment on Close Encounters With the Night Kind, you’ll be entered into a drawing with up to $30 in gift certificates. You know you want it.

Back to work on Bourbon & Branch Water…



  1. This is the one time where I can say, “Congratulations, you deserve all those spiders and more!” and not have it be an insult.

  2. Great review by Nikki, Patricia! Liv’s Journey deserved every one of those 5 spiders! That makes it a 40 leg review! Congratulations!

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