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Patricia Green Spanking Romance TourIt’s such a delicious day for me that I’m sharing 2 (count ’em, 2) posts today.

BTS (Book & Trailer Showcase) interviewed me a short time ago, and they’re featuring that interview today. Don’t miss it! I answered all kinds of nifty questions, including several about my characters and how they’re created, my motivations/inspirations, and my process. I might not be the most interesting person in the world (I leave that to folks who drink Dos Equis), but I can entertain you for a few minutes.

Come by Book & Trailer Showcase and get into my head. There’s room on the couch for us all.



  1. Great interview, Trish!
    I thought the linkage to Katherina was so smart to explain the character-type or ideology of the heroines found in your books :o)

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