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Update (12/13/12): We gave it the old college try, but only made it to the #3 spot, so the prize won’t be awarded this time. Thank you to all who participated and made the effort. I’m sure we’ll make it to #1 one of these days, and you can be sure, I’ll be thanking you all with goodies. 🙂

Cover: Kiki's MillionaireRight now on Amazon, Kiki’s Millionaire is ranked 8,690 in sales rank for all contemporary romance. And in a tag search, 3 of my books are in the top 15 for spanking romances. Three! I’m totally jazzed and had to share it with you. To help these books move up in the tag rankings, go to them on Amazon and click the tags you think are most appropriate. Every click on “spanking romance” can help the tag search results. These are one of the metrics that can make this giveaway happen!

Have you been missing out? Check out these books and dash out to Blushing Books or Amazon to get yourself a copy.

Kiki’s Millionaire — Ranked 8690 overall!

Liv’s Journey — Ranked #6 in Spanking Romance!

Cover: Jackie Draws a StraightJackie Draws a Straight — Ranked #13 in Spanking Romance!

Kiki’s Millionaire — Ranked #15 in Spanking Romance!

Both Kiki’s Millionaire and Jackie Draws a Straight are ranked highly in the Top 50 Best Sellers for the last 30 days at Blushing Books!

Thank you, thank you, dear readers for making all of this possible. Please include your friends in the party. Let’s see how high we can make these books soar in the rankings. If I can get one into the number 1 slot (either at Amazon in the overall category, or at Amazon in the tags for Spanking Romance, or in the Top 50 for the Last 30 Days at Blushing Books), I’ll give away a $10 gift certificate to a random commenter. Just tell me you bought one of the books and leave your email address below and you’ll be put in the drawing to win. Tell your friends; the more the merrier and the better chance for that gift certificate to be given out. YOU could win!

This drawing ends December 12, 2012, and I’ll keep tabs every day, several times a day. When something hits #1, I’ll let you know immediately. This could be fun!



  1. Super congrats, Trish. Definitely well-deserved.

  2. Congrats 🙂

    Try some SoCo Egg Nog (Vanilla Spice) spiked with a shot of SoCo and tap of Cinnamon on top…

    (not drinking any now, since its almost 7am here in PA but had some last night before bed…) Cheers to you and hope you have many more sucess in the near future 🙂


  3. Super congratulations!!!!!

  4. Congratulations Patricia! No one does spanking romances like you! I can’t wait to read KiKi’s!
    Rhonda D

  5. How excited I’m sure you’ll make it. I’m always up for Blushing Books Gift Certificates. Now I just need to find a few more hours a day to read.

  6. What a fantastic way to begin the holidays, Patricia! Who knows what you’ll be celebrating come the new year! Congratualtions on your much deserved high rankings! And that is an absolutley gorgeous cover for Kiki. Love it! Only the best for the best writers.

  7. Party! Champagne! Chocolate! Congratulations on all the fabulous rankings on both books!

    Well written. Well deserved. And so much fun to read!

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