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Cover: Bourbon & Branch WaterDoes your favorite spanker like Scotch? How about a smooth, multiply-filtered vodka? Wine for the cellar? May I gently suggest Bourbon & Branch Water? Talk about the perfect last-minute gift; and you don’t even have to wrap it!

If you don’t share an ereader, you might want to purchase this book as a gift for someone special, maybe as a hint. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) Or maybe you’d like it for yourself. Give the gift you can use over and over again: a book you enjoy.

Here’s a taste of Bourbon & Branch Water. Stormy is totally embarrassed about having her first one-night-stand with a man she hardly knows, and she’s hiding in his bathroom the next morning. Her memory of their night before–fuzzy at first–is coming back big time. This segment is from Chapter 1.

They’d done it twice more in the night, and now, the next morning, she recalled how he’d made her come by spanking her ass while he had mounted her from behind. She’d been so excited at the time that she’d actually liked it. How weird and perverse was that? That’s how she’d gotten that pink tush. What had she done?

Still a little bemused from exhausted sleep, the whole wonderful experience had seemed like a dream the next morning. But it wasn’t a dream. She’d gone to bed with a man who was virtually a stranger and had let him, no, encouraged him to spank her. Maybe she was becoming some sort of masochistic tart as she got older. Maybe by the age of thirty she’d be cruising singles bars and smoking extra-long cigarettes. At the moment, however, she was hiding in Jeff Hand’s bathroom. She was embarrassed to the depths of her being. He must think she was a slut, an easy lay just like all the other women he’d brought to his place!

What was she going to do?

The door knob, one of those fancy ones that was a lever rather than a round knob, began to move. “Stormy? Are you okay? Look, babe, it was only a dream this morning. Come out and let me make it better.”

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