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Saturday Spankings

Guess what glorious greenness is tomorrow! That’s right, St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t think Patrick was a kinky guy, but you can never tell about those saint-types. At any rate, today is all about spanking kink, and wow have I got a doozy for you.

I admit, I’d totally forgotten how much spanking there is in one of my earliest books, Laricon’s Ways. Here’s a little bit of a spanking scene where Michael O’Malley has given one of our heroines (there are two) a harsh spanking. He’s an undercover operative and Nina knows it, but is still making trouble for him by not considering her actions.

Cover: Laricon's Ways

Michael went into the lavatory and ran cold water over his stinging hand. He was still angry, though the peak of it had dissipated somewhat. He had never seriously spanked a woman before, but, by god, Nina had deserved it more than any he’d known. He looked at himself in the mirror. Had he done wrong with her? The spanking he’d given her had been pretty harsh, but he knew she’d not been damaged by it. Perhaps she’d even remember it and learn to control herself. He just needed her to behave until the operation closed; then she could go be a dreadful brat wherever she wanted.

This book is written in a slightly old-fashioned style, but it’s a fun erotic thriller that I hope you’ll consider reading. The blurb and excerpt can be found here.

Thanks for joining me for Saturday Spankings. Have a spankalicious day!

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  1. OOh. I’d like to know what she did too. I might have to go buy the book 🙂 Thanks Trish

  2. This is why hand spankings are the best: HE gets to experience some pain, too. Tit for tat…

    Will have to check this out, Patricia.

  3. ooh, I have to get this book! I really need to read the scene that caused all the pain to his poor hand. Poor guy. 🙁
    nicely done 🙂

    • Thank you, Katherine. These two have some serious chemistry that started a number of years prior to this adventure. There’s a lot of naughty stuff on these pages. 🙂

  4. “Then she go be the dreaded brat she wanted” and perhaps Michael secretly wanted too… Compelling scenario and love emotions and flavor of the stinging hand….

  5. If his hand hurts like that, I bet her bum is burning. She’ll remember that I’ll bet. Brats? Gotta luv em.

  6. I’m going to need the previous scene please. This is great Patricia! Sexy and tender at the same time. My two favorite combinations.

  7. There’s never too much spanking, as far as I’m concerned! Great snippet!

    • Somehow, that comment doesn’t surprise me, Renee. The more I get to know you, the more spankings I see. How in the world does that work? 😉 Thanks for coming by.

  8. Love this post, Trish. The fact Michael has to run his hand under cool water says so much. Yup, Nina is probably one sorry girl right now, though I’ve a feeling she’ll rebound quickly.

  9. The anger makes me twinge as I never like it when someone spanks out of anger. But oh man, I bet she cannot sit down for days! *sigh* I miss those days.

  10. Boy, that excerpt makes you wonder what the heck she did to deserve such a spanking! She almost broke his hand. LOL This was an extremely erotic read, Trish, and I’m hoping others do pick it up. They won’t be sorry! Great post.

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