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Hello, lovely people!

Cute PIG photo-11-21-12The first quarter of this year has seen many changes in my life. I moved 3,000 miles to a different country and it took nearly a month to receive my household goods, so my husband and I lived out of suitcases for weeks. That was not fun.

Within a week of getting something like settled in our new condo, my best friend had a serious medical illness. That was a nightmare and the situation is still being monitored.

Topping it all off, recently I spent a whole week doing taxes. (Never again!)

All these excuses add up to no writing, which is utterly frustrating and goes counter to my goals this year. Consequently, I’m going to be pulling back a bit, focusing on writing a new book and more after that. My social media presence will diminish somewhat, and my blogging will be curtailed. You’ll still hear from me, but not with the same frequency.

If you’re tired of the “buy my book” nature of the blog hops I’ve been taking part in; if you’re weary of getting too many blogging emails from Patricia Green Books, you’ll be as thankful as I am to see things lighten up. If you’d like to hear more from me, please drop me a note. I carry on correspondence with my fans all of the time and would love to have a dialog with you, too.

I’m not going to be totally absent. You’ll hear from me, absolutely. But a bit less.

You’ll find all my books available through Blushing Books (where I’m on the bestseller list again!), through Amazon, and a few at New Dawning Bookfair and Renaissance E Books. I hope they’re convenient ways for you to enlarge your TBR and Read-Now piles.

Thank you for following along. Keep your eye on the WIP meter over to your right. It’s going to grow.

My best to you,



  1. I will miss the blog posts but understand…take care, relax and stay healthy!

  2. I completely understand the necessity to prioritize, Trish! You’ve had a rough couple of months and I know not writing has increased the stress for you. I’ll bee looking to see that new book in just a short while–the title alone has got me hooked! Enjoy your writing time and I’ll look for you on the web when I see you. 🙂


  3. I always look forward to your blog posts, Trish.
    Have a nice break, and enjoy your writing.
    And come back to us soon

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