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Please join me in welcoming Paloma Beck to Patricia Green Books. Her recent release Hold My Hand is rocketing up the charts. It makes a statement that so many women relate to, while never forgetting that we want to be entertained. Hold My Hand is bold, sexy, and romantic.

Paloma is offering a giveaway as part of her Hold My Hand book tour. Please read her post for instructions, and visit her other stops for more chances to win.

Now to you, Paloma…

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Welcome to Day Nine of my Release Tour for Hold My Hand. Each day, we’ve had a different excerpt with a different theme to talk about. Today, readers get an excerpt during which Aubrey contemplated the feeling that she was William’s prey. You see, for months before they had a conversation in Hold My Hand, William observed Aubrey each day as she’d made his coffee in the coffee shop. Then during their first date, she had this thought: He was the lion. I was the prey. The gazelle too paralyzed to move – it has new meaning now. I fully understood the paralysis. William knew a lot about Aubrey just from observation. Could his observations over the months be seen as stalking? Would it flatter you or frighten you to know a man had watched you to learn more about you?

It worried Aubrey, mostly because she had low self-esteem and didn’t believe herself deserving of his attention. Part of Aubrey’s distrust came from her troubled childhood when her father acted more like a bully than a daddy. He put her down and taunted her until her only choice was to run. Still, her father’s voice filled her mind as she struggled to accept a man who might genuinely care for her.

Emotionally abused girls can have trouble with trust, commitment and self-esteem as women. Sadly enough, far too many young girls are emotionally abused by their fathers. Because their fathers never acknowledge their responsibility, and most of their relatives often never believe such abuse was even possible, the girls go invalidated. The abuse affects them for the remainder of their lives in deeply seeded ways and the then-grown women are left to cope on their own.

In Hold My Hand (and then in the sequel Heal My Soul), I portray one woman’s journey with overcoming the emotional abuse she suffered as a child. Of course, Aubrey gets the help of the charming, sensitive yet dominating William. Read the excerpt below, answer the question and let’s talk. I’ll be in all day to chat! – Paloma

Hold My Hand CoverTitle: Hold My Hand

Author: Paloma Beck

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Elements: BDSM-lite, Consensual Adult Spanking

Release Date: April 1, 2013







Aubrey has been hurt in the past, discouraged and degraded by a heartless father. Still, William sees something in her that won’t allow him to walk away. Instantly drawn to her but intuitive enough to take it slowly, he courts her. Then he bargains, persuades and seduces until he ensnares Aubrey with his commanding nature. He’s everything she ever needed but never had the courage to want for. Despite the fight she puts up in accepting William’s lifestyle, the bonds he places on Aubrey give her a freedom she desperately needs. Together, they heal old wounds and find their perfect love.





© Hold My Hand, Paloma Beck, 2013

Setting my glass down, I felt myself smile. It was a good feeling.

“You’re smiling. I very much like you smiling.” I liked this too. I could count how often I’ve smiled in recent years – not nearly enough.

“Thank you.”

I reached to pick up my wine glass again but William took it instead. He held it to my lips with one hand while his other moved my hands to my lap. His eyes remained focused on me as he served me sip after sip. I felt his eyes watching as I swallowed and the nectar coated my throat. It was mesmerizing to be watched by William and before I realized, he was setting down my empty glass. I didn’t intend to drink so much, not knowing what lay ahead of me tonight.

“Your cheeks are flushed again. I found it absolutely beautiful.”

I said nothing. He left me without words so I just sat, blushing, with my hands in my lap where he placed them.

“Remember, this was where you say thank you sir.” His voice deepened as he guided me in our conversation, as always he was my teacher and I was his student.

“Thank you, sir,” I repeated and earned myself another smile.

When the waiter returned, William ordered for us, and again the waiter left without a word from my lips.

“So you enjoyed your spa outing. And I am pleased with how beautiful you look.”

I blushed at his compliment, “Thank you sir.”

“You will grow used to such treatments,” he reassured me, stroking his fingers along the side of my cheek. I looked up, shocked at the tender look in William’s eyes.

“They make me feel uncomfortable, like I feel in the restaurants you’ve taken me to.” My confession was brave. I’d mustered the courage from somewhere deep inside. At the last moment, I second-guessed my bravery but it was too late.

“I know you don’t feel comfortable but you’ll learn. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy having you do things you aren’t quite comfortable with.” William poured more wine into my glass but I reminded myself to keep my mind clear.

I furrowed my brows, confusion clear on my face, “I don’t understand.”

“My little elf, something I enjoy very much was power. I want to see just how far I can push you, how much I can make you go beyond where you’re comfortable. I want to see where your limits lie. And I want to see what you’ll do when I’ve pushed too far.” William’s eyes were glimmering. He appeared excited by these thoughts.

Stunned by his admission, I sat in silence. I noticed my breathing had accelerated and I reached for my wine glass to take another sip and calm my nerves. Licking my lips, contemplating an appropriate response, I said simply, “Thank you, sir.”

William was delighted. I saw the happiness written across his face. “Sweet, sweet Aubrey, I also look forward to giving you so many experiences you’ve never known. The fact that it keeps you slightly off-balance simply means you need me more than when you’re in control.”

“Domination and submission, I understand sir.” Nodding my head, I felt the cozy table we were seated at closing in on me. He was the lion. I was the prey. The gazelle too paralyzed to move – it has new meaning now. I fully understood the paralysis.


What do you think of Aubrey’s prey analogy?

Paloma Beck Author IconAbout Paloma

Paloma Beck is a Romance Author living a life of contradiction… she’s a happily married carpooling mom writing erotic romance. It’s almost naughty! Paloma writes in both the Contemporary and Paranormal realms, journaling the stories her characters tell her, and they are anything but PG. She dabbles in vampires, witches, ménage, spanking and bdsm – all in her books, of course.

Paloma believes a daily dose of espresso and a good book make any day better.

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Paloma is offering a DAILY CONTEST during her release tour to WIN a Hold My Hand ebook. Enter to win each day by answering the QUESTION in the COMMENTS section of that day’s post. The question must be answered to be eligible. The commenter needs to provide their email address and preferred ebook format.


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  1. Congrats to Chris Bails. You won a Hold My Hand ebook. Look for an email to come soon! Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Hi, Paloma and Trish. Great, thought-provoking post. I think Aubrey’s prey analogy is very apt for her situation. Perhaps her realization about the paralysis is that on some level the prey freezes because they want to be caught. Wants the waiting for the “pounce” to be over. Wants to submit. (Hey, I took a stab at it. :))

    • Thanks, Jenna. I get exactly what you’re saying. I had this conversation with a beta reader early on in the process of writing this scene. I wondered if the prey’s instinct to freeze is nature’s calling to submit. If it’s in your nature to submit, fighting it is counter-intuitive.

  3. Great excerpt. I want to be his prey. I agree with her defination. He definitely is the lion and she the gazelle. I love the whole yes sir, no sir, very sexy. She feels like she has to watch his every move, because she does not know what he is going to do next and needs to protect herself (not in a bad way, only in a good way).
    This is a new author for me and definitely adding this book to my must read list.

    christinebails at yahoo dot com
    Kindle or PDF copy.

    • I’m glad you find Paloma’s article compelling. That’s the point in introducing authors on my blog (or any community blog), to reach out to folks and say, “Lookee here, I found someone special!” Thanks for your comment Christine.

    • Thanks for your comments, Christine.

      I enjoyed writing the story of how Aubrey went from fear and anxiety to wonder and excitement at being the gazelle. Depending on the lion, being the gazelle is not such a bad thing! 😉

  4. Thanks so much for having me today to share Hold My Hand. I’ll be around all day, curious to hear what readers think about the Question Of The Day…

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