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Saturday Spankings

It’s a great day for a spanking! And today it’s Saturday Spankings day, here on Patricia Green Books. I’ve been absent for a few weeks while I finish the draft of Teaching Miss McGillicutty (a spanking romance novella), but I’m back for a few weeks while it’s out in beta.

Cover: Journey's EndThis week, I’m sharing eight sentences from Journey’s End, the sixth book in the Journey family series. This book is jam-packed with spankings, both for punishment and for erotic purposes. I hope you’ll pick up a copy at, Amazon UK or Blushing Books.

Each of the first five chapters of the novella is about one of the Journey couples. This segment is from Queenie and Will’s chapter. He’s just come home to find Queenie exhausted. Will is affectionate with her, though he’s unhappy about her frazzled condition.

“Is that an invitation, Mr. Mazie?”

He nuzzled in the hair near her ear. “No. You look beat. I ought to spank you for letting yourself get so worn down.”

There were aspects of a hard spanking that appealed to Queenie at that moment. She was pent up, tired and frazzled. It would be like hitting the “reset” button for her.

Any woman in a D/s or DD relationship can probably relate to Queenie’s sentiments if she’s honest with herself. How do you feel about a “reset” spanking? Would you equate it with a “maintenance” spanking?

Thank you for joining me for Saturday Spankings. Hop over to the other Saturday Spankings authors’ sites and enjoy a little more hot-bottomed fun.

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  1. While I’m a fan of maintenance spankings, I feel like “reset” spankings are sometimes more important because you’re at a point when you really, really need that emotional release.

  2. I love the reset button and understand it totally and absolutely. I love maintenance nights. I think if you need this, you just need it, you know? People will either understand that or not, there’s no gray area here, at least not in my mind.

  3. Sometimes, there’s nothing like a good, hard spanking to bring everything back on track. Maintenance spankings can do a lot, but there’s a little extra “zing” when it’s to address misbehavior, I think. Great snippet!

  4. Reset spanking sounds ideal.

  5. I agree with Kathryn I think the reset would be more at the exact time that it was needed rather than at a time set out. Great snippet Trish! Thanks 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Constance. I tried to make it realistic, because we don’t always get maintenance spankings, though we might need to maintain our equilibrium on occasion. 🙂

  6. I bet Queenie knows her mind–and body–well enough to gauge if the spanking would be truly beneficial at this point. Like a hard work-out might be for some people who need to clear their heads. Very interesting subject, reset spankings.

    • A hard workout is an excellent comparison. These kinds of spankings often lead to a good cry and we all know how cathartic that can be once in a while. Thanks for coming by!

  7. Love the “reset” button… Wouldn’t it be nice to have this button available, honey, what time are you getting home, I just pressed the “button” !

    • A little neon sign on the entry way wall ought to light up with the word “reset” when it’s needed, yes? LOL Thank you for your comment, Joseph!

  8. Maybe if he’d given her a maintenance spanking, she wouldn’t need a reset one. LOL.

    • Maybe. I understand it works for some couples very well. I always felt that maintenance spankings were arbitrary. I mean if a person has been good and virtuous since the last spanking, shouldn’t that good behavior mean no spanking for a while? It’s a conundrum. I’m glad you were able to join me for this week, Cara. Thank you!

  9. Great snippet, Trish. I guess a reset spanking is like a maintenance spanking, although I think it’s more a “need it now” spanking. Maintenance, for me, implies a certain time set aside for an attitude alignment. Unfortunately, that allotted time may not coincide with the time when one is truly needed because of stress and the responsibilities required for daily life. Just IMHO.

    • It’s like with your kids or pets, I think (though I hate to equate a full grown woman to a schnauzer). But, if you give the correction immediately after the infraction, the two are linked together in the mind and consequently the aversion technique is more effective. I use the “aversion technique” idea in my latest WIP (Teaching Miss McGillicutty), because I think it can work in relationships for unwanted behaviors. You bring up some great points, Kathryn. Thanks!

  10. Oh yes *clasps hands* Sometimes a harsh spanking to make you let go is the best.

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