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Horny Hump Day graphic

Hump Day, Hump Day, Hump Day is my favorite day! Is it better than Friday? The jury’s out on that, but it’s pretty darn good!

imagehitevo / 123RF Stock PhotoI’ll cut right to the chase on this one. Professor Hal Emory is in the shower having a little fantasy rendezvous with college student Kathy McGillicutty. His waking dream is very vivid. It’s from Teaching Miss McGillicutty, a book now waiting for publisher approval.

Stroking himself slowly, he imagined Kathy there under the shower with him, kneeling, her hair darkening in the water, clinging to her face as rivulets curled down the curve of her cheeks. Her perfect mouth would hover so close to his prick, so close. Warm breath would caress him.

The Horny Hump Day hop brings you 3 sexy sentences from a variety of published and unpublished authors. Join us in this sizzling diversion, why dontcha?

Thank you for being here today!


  1. I love this scene, hot and wet. Is there anything better? 🙂

  2. I agree with Jenna. Perfect pic and great scene. The imagination can take a person places they have never been, but would love to go.

  3. I’m blog hopping. Thinking to myself, just one more and then I’ll go get a shower and get dressed for the day. I mean, after all, it’s only noon. And which blog do I pick to end on? An incredibly yummy shower scene. Thank you, Patricia. Thank you very much. 🙂

  4. Such a hot scene! Shower scenes are so sensual–you bring that out perfectly in this three, Patricia. And your pic is…well, perfect! Well done.

    • Thanks, Jenna. I love shower scenes. I put them in my books often, whether I intend to or not. You’ve got a pretty hot shower scene in 7 Days of Seduction, too.

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