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Sunshine-award_LRGI’d like to thank Kathryn R. Blake for nominating me for this award. She’s a good friend and a wonderful writer. Her books captivate readers and inspire them to look for more. Kathryn’s latest is A Dom’s Dilemma and can be purchased through Blushing Books and Amazon.

Here’s its blurb:

James Evans has been a police detective for sixteen years and an active participant in the local BDSM scene for even longer. So, at age 35, he knows what he likes, and for the last three years, he’s liked what he’s seen in Kelly Franklin. Pretty, feisty and submissive, the fact that she scurries off like a frightened rabbit every time she sees him, only intrigues him more. He would have pressed a lot harder to corner her, if she didn’t already belong to someone else. That is why, when Kyle Sinclair mentions he’s looking for a new Dom to top Kelly, Jim doesn’t hesitate to sign up for the job.

Taking his cues from Kelly, Jim quickly discovers she isn’t seeking pain and punishment the way Kyle thought. In fact, all of Kelly’s signals indicate she is scared of pain, which both puzzles Jim and brings his protective side to the fore. Why would a girl want to be a submissive at a BDSM club if she fears how a Dom might punish her?

As a Dom, Jim is pleased by Kelly’s open responsiveness, but as a police detective, he is determined to solve the enigma she presents. Their relationship grows even more complicated when he discovers Kelly has not only been keeping secrets from him, she has lied, and neither side of him tolerates any type of deception – ever. A point he is more than willing to make with Kelly draped butt-naked over his knee – until she finally tells him the truth.

To fulfill my part of this award, I’m giving answers to some thorny questions–my favorite things.

Favorite Color: Orange, because it’s sunny and nothing rhymes with it.

Favorite Animal: Pug dogs. I wrote a poem about a were-pug once. I’ll have to post it here sometime.

Favorite Number: According to numerology, my luckiest number is 7. I guess that would have to be my favorite also.

Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink: You mean there is one? Just kidding. Coffee. Definitely coffee.

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I find that Twitter is something you have to monitor too closely in order to be effective and I don’t have the time to do multiple social networking obligations while still writing books. I do have a Twitter account, but use it sparingly.

Your Passion: The person I feel passionate about is my husband, who is also my best friend. The thing I feel most passionate about it my writing. I love what I do.

Giving or getting presents: I’d always prefer to give presents. I love the look of surprise and delight on a person’s face when they get something unexpected.

Favorite Day: Saturday. That’s my one day off per week.

Favorite Flowers: Carnations and daisies. The smell of carnations is intoxicating. If they made carnation perfume, I’d buy some.

I’d like to nominate the following people for their own Sunshine Award. These people are bloggers I respect and admire for a variety of reasons.

Jenna Jaxon – A friend and critique partner who brings her intelligence and creativity to every project she embarks upon. She’s tireless and dedicated. Her most recent book is Betrothal.

Constance Masters – A wonderfully creative writer with several projects under her belt. One recent one I really enjoyed was My House, My Rules.

Bleuame – A sincere and forthright blogger who touches on some thorny subjects with honesty and integrity. I love her willingness to put herself out there.

Grinelda Markowitz – A woman with unending creativity and a flare for creating whole new worlds. She’s got a truly unusual book on the market right now, The Moon-Kissed Chi.

Paloma Beck – The blogger who brought us “Thursday 13” (which I was honored to participate in). She’s the author of several books, including her latest, Hold My Hand.

Korey Mae Johnson – An amazingly talented person, with verve and enthusiasm to spare. She inspires excitement in everyone she encounters online. Her latest book is Shared Between Them. She not only writes, but has her own publishing house and graphic design business.

Anastasia Vitsky – What can I say about Anastasia? She’s direct, charming, dedicated and hates writing sex scenes. She’s a specialist in F/F spanking novels, so if you’d like a little change toward the non-erotic F/F side of things, try her latest: Simple Gifts.

Renee Rose – So creative and fresh in her perspective. Renee’s latest book is The Devil of Whiskey Row and it hits upon some very thorny historical settings that really make a reader open her eyes in wonder.

Sue Lyndon – I totally love Sue’s book, Rules of War. It’s a spanking novella with a different, futuristic twist that I found entrancing. I also appreciate Sue’s willingness to engage and be friends.

Katherine Deane – New on the blogging scene, Katherine Deane is the kind of friend one wants in the industry: helpful, enthusiastic, and energetic.

Jan Freeman – This is the person who inspired me to blog in the first place and she didn’t even know it. Jan is the blogger behind “Throw Grammar from the Train” a truly interesting blog about grammar nitpicking. Check out her blog for fun insights into grammar and word use.

If I’ve inspired anyone to blog or participate in the crazy publishing world, I’m honored to have done so. Thank you to all these fine people and to you, readers, for making every day that much brighter.


  1. Thank you so much Trish! I also feel honoured to be included with such talented writers 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination! I agree, pugs are cool dogs. Every time I see one I just want to squeeze it LOL.

    • You’re more than welcome, Sue. I really do have to post that were-pug poem. I’ll see if I can do it next week. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Love the blurb and your honest answers. I just started a blog but it’s so hard to always find time to write their, write in my WIP, Facebook, and answer emails….. Time is not my friend!

  4. Thank you so much, Trish!! I already posted a sunshine award yesterday, so I’m going to add you to my nomination rather than post a second one! <3

  5. Great post, Trish, and I love the people you’ve nominated. Great group of very talented writers.

    • You started the ball rolling for me, Kathryn. I hope people get inspired to get a copy of any of your books. They’ll be happy when they discover exactly how talented you really are!

  6. Thank you, Trish! Such a perfect nomination. I will have to get started on my own. 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Ana. You have definitely been an influence on my blogging and professional associations. Not to mention my super-hero wardrobe. 🙂 Thank you for coming by today.

  7. Congrats. Loved the little section on learning new things about you. A great list of authors and their blogs that you’ve nominated.

    • Thanks, Daryl. I thought of so many more, too, but ran out of room. 🙂 I’ve been so lucky to find such supportive colleagues. I appreciate your comment.


  9. Always a fun blog..especially love the Hump Days…yowzer great shower scene on Wednesday…this was so much fun to read…thanks for sharing…bravo to all the authors listed!

  10. Thank you so much, Patricia, for your nomination. This is indeed illustrious company you have included me in. I will take up my responsibility as a Sunshine Awardee on my blog early next week and pass this on to other deserving bloggers. 🙂

  11. Thank-you so much for the nomination!!
    I feel so honoured to be included in such elite company ;o)

    • You’re welcome, Bleuame. You deserve it. You provide a much needed service to a lot of needy people. I hope others take a look at your blog and find their own issues given in a more positive light.

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