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How does the week go by so fast…and yet so slowly! Here we are for another mid-week pick me up, our very own Horny Hump Day hop. Pull up a chair and get ready for some hot stuff!

Cover: Correcting KathyThis week, I’m sharing some more of Correcting Kathy (formerly titled Teaching Miss McGillicutty), featured recently in the USA TODAY HEA column. It’s my most recent erotic spanking romance release and was published by Stormy Night Publications. If you want a little screwball humor with your sexy spankings, this is the book for you.

In this segment, Professor Hal Emory is in the shower, fantasizing about student, Kathy McGillicutty. (You might recall the beginning of this fantasy in a previous Horny Hump Day post, here.) His fantasy reaches its climax.

Hal rocked his hips forward as the surge came upon him. It came from deep inside, and he envisioned coming in the back of Kathy’s throat, prodding her to swallow, her throat working against the head of his cock as she did. Standing there in the shower, he grunted once with the pleasure, and sagged into the water.

I hope you’re enjoying bits of Correcting Kathy. Pick up a copy of the book at any of the following retailers. And don’t forget to visit all the other Horny Hump Day authors, we all appreciate your comments.

Correcting Kathy, can be purchased at these retailers:

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Have a wonderful Hump Day!


  1. It’s always nice when moments like these end with a successful conclusion. 😉 Great scene and I love the snippet.

  2. Great to have an oppo to see what’s new in your WIP box, Patricia. Very hot snippet. It never fails, but the name, McGillicutty, always evokes images of Lucille Ball. Ha!

  3. That’s one intense fantasy! Imagination can be a very powerful thing.

  4. This is one hot snippet–and one hot book! The description of his fantasy is extremely erotic. So well done..

  5. Loved that part. I need to finish the rest. It’s appears the Prof. is worried about their age difference. I’m liking what she’s planning on doing about that;)

  6. wonderful excerpt. Love the book

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