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Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spanking time! How would you like Auntie Patricia to read you a bedtime story? A fairy tale perhaps? But not just any fairy tale, ladies and gents, an erotic BDSM fairy tale, with lots of alliteration and a silly way of looking at the world. It’s fun, it’s diverting…but it won’t put you to sleep. You’ll just have to count sheep for that. Sorry.

Cover: Goldie and the Three DomsToday’s fairy tale is Goldie and the 3 Doms. You might recognize many of its ideas from “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” but this version will knock your panties off.

In the following segment, Goldie is fed up with life in Femmeville and longs for something a bit more bold and daring. Even a…gasp!…spanking!

It’s always the same, thought Goldie. Tommy, Dicky, and Harry…all the same. Where’s the excitement? Where’s the adventure? The kinkiest thing she’d experienced was bright red nail polish on her toes. I want to be spanked! I want bondage! I want to be spoken harshly to by someone I respect!

Now, we wouldn’t want to disappoint young Goldie, would we? Goldie and the 3 Doms, a slightly twisted fairy tale.

Hop ’till you drop, folks. Here’s where:


  1. This is on my to read list for sure!

  2. Love the thoughts running through her head. And three doms? Trish, my dear, you are so kinky! LOL 🙂

  3. How fun! I just started writing erotic fairy tales myself, and it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. We’ll see if Goldie gets her wish.

  4. Hot snippet, Patricia! I hope her butt can handle triple spanks!

  5. You know my kids read the real fairy tales… 🙂 This is wicked!

  6. Oooh a hot fractured fairy tale. I’d love to read more. Great snippet Trish 🙂

  7. Hope one of them is “just right”

  8. What fun, I’d like to read that one. Great idea.

  9. Sounds like a titillating read. Fairy tales offer such fodder for smut, don’t they?

  10. The hottest thing she’s had is red nail polish and now she has 3 doms? I think she skipped some steps! Great snippet!

  11. Three Doms. Sexy. I’m sure she’ll get everything she’s wishing for and more.

  12. Lovely snippet! Although I fear for her with three Doms in the room – all that testosterone and the need to prove who is the harderst *hehe*

  13. Patricia, great snippet and love the fairy tale idea!

  14. Hm, let’s see just how twisted things will get!

  15. Makes me wonder if Goldie fully realizes what she’s wishing for. Hmm. Three Doms, eh? Methinks Goldie is going to get exactly what she wants and a whole lot more. Great snippet, Trish.

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