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Saturday Spankings

I’m back, and rarin’ to go! Welcome to the start of July’s Saturday Spankings here on Patricia Green Books. I hope you’ll join me, and all the Saturday Spanking authors for some summertime naughtiness and its repercussions.

Cover: Liv's Journey Blushing BooksThis week, I’m bringing you a little piece of Liv’s Journey, book one of my Journey family series. There are seven books in this series, one for every reader’s interest. All are spankalicious.

In this segment, large-sized model, Liv, and her Texan soldier, Trey, are making love for the first time. Of course, it wouldn’t be Saturday Spankings without a little hanky spanky included.

“Do it,” she groaned. “Now. Do it!”

“Now, miss, that is purely impolite,” he told her, giving her a spank with his hand. Her response was a cry of frustration and pain followed by a wriggle against his cock. “But, just this once…” He pressed the head of his dick into her sopping quim. “Just this once, I’ll take your suggestion.” She yelped as he spanked her again and slid home at the same time.

Did it make you blush?

Hop along, and happy summer!


  1. Hehe it’s hard to blush while going through this blog hop. But this was lovely! 😀

  2. This was a truly wonderful book!

  3. Great, sexy excerpt Trish! I loved it 🙂

  4. Oh, she got a twofer at the same time…a spank and a slide. NICE!

  5. I don’t know if I ever blush anymore, but it certainly raised my temperature!! mmm mm

  6. loved this book, Trish!
    Great excerpt!
    I love the sexy spankings you write.
    very hot!

  7. Not blushing here either, but then I’ve got the a.c. blowing on me. 🙂 Way hot scene. But then all your books are. Powerful imagery.

  8. Mmm, very hot. Spank sex is always fun to get or read about.

  9. Great snippet. I’m intrigued by your seven book series. I’ll have to find out more.

  10. oh so naughty…so hot….oh wow…..this made me all types of blushy.

  11. Sexy snippet, but it’s going to take more to make me blush. LOL>

  12. Oh, such a naughty scene and filled with the eros of character and reader alike… Just so nice…

  13. There’s a lot to be said for being impolite! Fun snippet.

  14. Not blushing here, but definitely enjoying her experience with her. Great book, Trish. Thanks for sharing.

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