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Saturday Spankings

Sa-sa-sa-Saturday Spankings! Woo-hoo! Welcome to a hop sharing 8 sentences from a variety of wonderful spanking story authors. Hop around and try not to get a thrill – I dare ya!

Cover: Ace-High FlushToday, I’m sharing a little of the second book in the Journey family series, Ace-High Flush. (You can also find a sexy segment in my recent Horny Hump Day post.) Ace and Gabby met only a short while ago when she was due for a punishment spanking (she was caught in a serious lie) and Ace’s brother, Trey, couldn’t do it. Ace isn’t much into punishment spankings, but when called upon, he can step up. Poor Gabby has never been spanked before.

He had to give her one thing: she didn’t plead for mercy or beg him to stop. She took it, painful and miserable though it was. Ace didn’t count the strokes. He spanked until her bottom and upper thighs were good and red. He didn’t want to bruise her, but he did want to give her something to think about for a few days each time she went to sit down.

Toward the end of the spanking, she went limp and silent. He knew she hadn’t fainted; rather, she’d taken all she could and now was going numb from the pain and humiliation. It was time to stop.

Ace doesn’t fool around, but that’s what I like about him.

Thank you for joining me here today!

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  1. I loved this. Ace made me all gooey inside:)

  2. Ace is really in tune with Gaby body language, love it!

    • He’s a sensitive guy, even though he’s not weak. He sincerely prefers not to punish, but it doesn’t prevent him from doing so when the need exists. When she totally submits, Ace feels she’s paid the price for her bad behavior. Hopefully, the reader agrees.

      I wish I could read Italian, Viola! But your blog makes it all sound so romantic. 🙂

  3. Mmm, a cooperative spankee. I honestly like those best, although I think most people like them kicking and screaming…

    • Gabby is making up for a crime that could have cost her career, which would have been a huge disaster in her life. But, absolved of her sin, she’ll be able to move on and get past her bad behavior. Well…for a while anyway. Thanks for coming by, Renee!

  4. I can’t help feel for poor Gabby, a pretty harsh introduction to spanking, she should think twice about annoying Ace in the future

    • You know, for someone whose first spanking experience is so shocking, Gabby just keeps coming back for more. I suspect it’s all about Ace, rather than the spankings. 🙂 Thanks for being here, Tara.

  5. Love it! a punishment spanking from the spanker’s POV 🙂

    • I try to show at least one spanking from the male dominant point of view in every book. I get lots of insights from my husband for those scenes, and also put a little of my own fantasies in them. Thank you for your comment!

  6. Having such a cooperative recipient, I wonder if this will make him addicted to swatting the bums of bad girls.

    • Well, Ace’s back story is explored over the seven books, but suffice it to say, he’s been around the block and is no stranger to spanking lovely behinds. Gabby, however, becomes his only focus starting in this second book, Ace-High Flush. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Love a no nonsense sort of guy! The name Ace is great for all the different title and pun possibilities too (I keep thinking Ace in the Hole, but that seems bad…lol).

    • LOL “Ace in the Hole” — cute, but maybe a little too outrageous for a DD book. Maybe. Yes, Ace doesn’t brook much trouble from Gabby, but when they fall in love, he’s her number one protector and lover. I’m glad you could join us here today, Celeste!

  8. Sounds like “Mission Accomplished” in Ace’s – something to think about for Gabby… nice snippet Trish…

    • Oh yes, she thinks about it. And daydreams about it. And sometimes has nighttime dreams about it, too. Ace also isn’t immune to Gabby’s charms. They make a good couple. Thank you for dropping in, Joseph.

  9. Ooooh sounds like he has a strong palm. I like this snippet. 🙂

  10. So I’m guessing Trey isn’t a punishment spanking kind of guy either. Are they the non-punishment spanking kind of guys?

    • Actually, Trey is a punishment kind of guy, but he’s also a one-woman kinda guy and, at this point in the book, he’s deeply involved in a relationship with Liv. He feels that spanking another young woman would be like “cheating” because of the intimacy in that communion. But it needs to be done, so older brother Ace says he’ll do it. While not delving into sex, it turns out to be intimate and gives Gabby something to think about.

      Thanks for coming by, Thianna!

  11. You’re right, Ace doesn’t fool around. He may not like doing something, but if it’s required of him he’ll see it is done properly. Ace is still my favorite Journey guy. Great snippet, Trish.

    • I love Ace, too, and maybe…someday…I’ll write another story for him and Gabby. But not for a while. Thanks for commenting, Kathryn! You always make my day.

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