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Love these Horny Hump Days! It gives me a chance to show off a little and to hop around and enjoy the other Horny Hump Day blogs. I hope you’ll join in the fun.

Cover: Deuce's DancerFollowing on with our trip through the Journey universe, today I’m offering a snippet from Deuce’s Dancer, the fourth Journey family book. This one tells the story of Deuce Journey meeting the love of his life in Jamaica, and how they overcame some pretty big obstacles to finally find their happily ever after.

In this segment, Deuce is sexually teasing the girl he knows as “Angie” rather unmercifully. He’s taking her so slowly and she wants hard, fast, and furious. He is the guy who sets the pace, however, and they both know it.

She yanked at his hips, scratched his back.

“I hate you!”

“No you don’t, sugar,” he said on a chuckle. “You hate waitin’.”

I hate waitin’ too, so I’m going to pop over to the other Horny Hump Day entries and find out what is hot and salacious today.

Thanks for joining me here!


  1. I trust that Deuce will make it worth her wait!

  2. Nice snippet. They seem to have something going together.

  3. Deuce can be a cruel man to make his partner wait for what she wants, but as they say the wait is always worth it. Love the snippet, Trish

  4. Oh that is just plain rude… What a tease.

  5. Nice excerpt Patricia, that sort of teasing can be deliciously cruel.

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