#SatSpanks – Pete’s First Won’t be His Last

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Saturday Spankings

Cover: Jackie Draws a StraightSaturday + Spankings = A perfect day.

Today, I’m sharing a bit from the fifth of the Journey family series, Jackie Draws a Straight. It tells the story of the youngest Journey sibling, Jackie, and her doctor-employer husband, Pete Kaminsky. They go through rather a lot of spankings before they tie the knot. Here are eight sentences from the first of such encounters. Pete had to be talked into this.

He pulled her tunic up to her waist. She had a sweet, round butt. What he wanted to do with that butt… Second thoughts shot through his head. He wanted her legs around his waist, to bury himself deeply in her and hear her soft moans. Instead, here he was poised to give her a punishment spanking. The whole idea was ludicrous. In fact, he started to pull her tunic back down, to tell her to get up and go home, when she spoke.

“Please, Doctor. Please, Peter. Spank me.”

Why, yes, I think he will!

Hop around. You won’t be sorry.

  1. Fab snippet, Trish as always! I’ve read this book as well and agree, Jackie had it coming. And Pete was just the one to dish it out. 🙂 Great hero.