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romance novel convention 2013

Thank you for taking a peek at my sight while you’re in Las Vegas at the glorious Romance Novel Convention. It’s undoubtedly blazing hot outside, and being in your cool hotel room (or, better, in the cool bar) should give you a little respite. While you’re here, I hope you’ll look around, but please be advised that much of the writing on this site is intended for adult audiences. Please check your ID to make sure you’re over 18. (If you’re like me, you forget all the time.) I’m the author of 20 books (so far), including the bestselling Journey Family series, so I’ve got plenty for you to choose from. Use the menus at the top of the page to navigate around and see everything.

There are several free short stories here on the site; please enjoy them with my compliments. But I’m also giving away books to everybody who stops by. Please go to Smashwords and look for my novelette (which is a fancy word for extra-long short story), called Psyched Out (the title is linked right to the book). It tells the story of a pair of conventioneers who meet under some silly circumstances and it just gets goofier…and a lot more sexy. It’s not one of my spanking romances, but it’s erotic. It also includes very light BDSM themes. Don’t let that scare you away. It’s very light. The code for a FREE copy of Psyched Out is TG54Q. Remember to use that code or the book will cost you a whopping 99 cents. I know, you’ll need gold bullion for this little gem if you don’t use the code. The code is good through August 18.

I hope you enjoy your time at the convention; look for my pens in your goody bag, and my ad in the program. And see what my publisher, Blushing Books, has to offer at the convention. They’d love to chat with you. Come back to Patricia Green Books whenever it suits you, and consider leaving me a comment so I know you were here. There’s a lot at on my site to see.

Best wishes for a fun convention!



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