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Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings! Are you ready for yours?

handlingstormy_cover_fullMy book, Bourbon & Branch Water has a new title and cover, and is being re-released by Blushing Books as—drumroll please—Handling Stormy. This one didn’t get announced to the general public when it first came out, so you might have missed it. Please consider picking up a copy to get my take on the movie, “Adam’s Rib.” There are lots more spankings in the book than in the movie; I guarantee it.

In this segment, Stormy Stillwater has just awakened in a strange man’s bedroom. She barely remembers what went on the night before, but, as she never goes to bed with a guy on a first meeting, she’s totally embarrassed that she has this time. Other things about the encounter embarrass her, too. (Hint: She’s never been spanked before and isn’t keen on the idea. What did you think when you first discovered you liked being spanked?)

Still a little bemused from exhausted sleep, the whole wonderful experience had seemed like a dream the next morning. But it wasn’t a dream. She’d gone to bed with a man who was virtually a stranger and had let him, no, encouraged him to spank her. Maybe she was becoming some sort of masochistic tart as she got older. Maybe by the age of thirty she’d be cruising singles bars and smoking extra-long cigarettes. At the moment, however, she was hiding in Jeff Hand’s bathroom. She was embarrassed to the depths of her being. He must think she was a slut, an easy lay just like all the other women he’d brought to his place!

For more fun with Handling Stormy you can go back to this week’s Horny Hump Day post, or get the good stuff (including an excerpt) here on my site.

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  1. Love the snippet, and congrats on the re-release! 🙂

  2. We are always much harder on ourselves than the world is on us. I’m sure Mr. Hand doesn’t think it’s anywhere near as shameful as she does. 🙂

  3. Mmm, the morning after and the walk of shame. Nice snippet of the aftermath. I loved the masochistic tart.

  4. Trying to live down the embarrassment of finding yourself the morning after with a man you hardly know must be hard. Having encouraged him to spank her…delicious! Great snippet!

  5. I’m dying to find out how Mr. Hand enticed her or seduced her into his room in the first place. Another for the TBR pile.

  6. oh my, poor woman. I do love your word choice- interesting to see her considering what she did

  7. Aw, the morning after walk of shame!!! poor stormy!

  8. I love the name Stormy Stillwater. I had the same reaction to the “getting older” and she’s not even 30. LOL.

  9. Oh, I love those self scolding moments. It would seem she needs another spanking. Great snippet

  10. I can see her sitting in his bathroom full of regret for doing what she did the night before. I especially like when she realizes she didn’t just let him spank her, but encouraged him to do so. Seems she has broken all of her own rules. Masochistic tart is awesome.
    Very enticing snippet Patricia

  11. Wonderful description of her emotions. I’ve never seen Adam’s Rib, but this sounds intriguing. And while WE know thirty isn’t old, I love how younger people do. Like Cara said – just wait!

  12. Hiding in the bathroom…lol

  13. Agree with Alice – 30s not that old! 🙂 Lovely little piece – how many books do you have Patricia??

  14. Now this is one night I need to know more about. Great snippet.

  15. Maybe she was becoming some sort of masochistic tart…LOL! I love it! And yeah, good luck with hiding in the bathroom, honey.

  16. Self-recriminations the morning after. Guilty pleasures at what’s been done. You’ve captured it beautifully in this snippet. But my dear, 30’s not that old. 😉

  17. OK, obviously everyone is going to make this observation, but “masochistic tart” is one of the best spanking fic phrases ever. Slap a tm on there!!! 😀

  18. “Maybe she was becoming some sort of masochistic tart as she got older. Maybe by the age of thirty she’d be cruising singles bars and smoking extra-long cigarettes.” OLDER? And she’s not even 30? Oh, sweetheart…you just wait. LOL

  19. Sounds like a fun night! 😉
    I loved the visual, hiding her masochistic tart self in his bathroom!
    Very well done, Trish!

  20. Or he was rejoicing at his good fortune at getting to spank her. 🙂

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