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I am delighted, enthused, over-the-moon happy with the cover for my soon to be released book, The Winner: Romantek Book One. There is so much detail, so much to see and feel for the story, even before you get into the pages. The characters are perfectly depicted, the Native American ethnicity of White Star comes through, as does the sensuality of Audrey’s submission to him with her pouty look showing sparks. The setting is brilliantly portrayed, on the left with the saloon from 1850 and on the right with the science fiction future city.

Take a look and tell me what you think!

romantek-the winner


The Winner: Romantek Book One
Coming to you via Blushing Books,
Saturday, September 28.


  1. Great cover, Trish! Look forward to reading it.

  2. That is an attention grabbing cover! He is HOT! She is too! It makes you want to buy the book! Can’t wait

  3. Love the cover!
    I agree, he is HOT!
    I really like her too 🙂

    • Thanks, Katherine. He is hot, definitely. That cougar tooth on his neck and the braid…sigh. And I like the expression on your face. I’m glad you could join me for this cover reveal.

  4. Love that cover! HOT guy! I was going to reblog this post, but i didn’t see a reblog button, so I tweeted and shared instead! Congrats on another fantastic cover, Trish.

    • Hi, Jenna. Thanks for the comments and the PR. I really appreciate it. I don’t allow ping-backs or re-blogging from this site. Too many spammers out there who are out for mischief.


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