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handlingstormy_cover_fullLet’s talk about Handling Stormy for a minute. 🙂

It was released last month and has been in Amazon’s Top 100 for Native American eBooks; in fact, it’s up in the Top 10! It’s also getting great reviews.

Manic Readers’ Reviewer Alberta says:

Handling Stormy is a sexy romp, which I enjoyed a lot, especially with the threat of both their careers going sideways if it’s ever found out they are sleeping together. Stormy is shy and reticent, while Jeff is dominant and enjoys pursuing her. Their goals are very different, so lots of conflict here that needs a lot of work before we can get to a HEA. Good read for a day at the beach or a fireside on a rainy night.

Here’s a description of the book:

Fledgling attorney, Stormy Stillwater, wants to make a name for herself with her first case, a dispute over water rights and a bourbon distillery. Unfortunately, the opposing attorney is the guy she met at her brother’s wedding and with whom she had her first one night stand. She’s incredibly embarrassed and yet remains super-attracted to Jeff. Even though she’s certain he’s a playboy, she falls into bed with him all too easily.

Jeff Hand, successful Las Vegas attorney, is taken with Stormy at the outset and tries to show her. He can’t keep his hands off her, nor she him, and it seems like they’re in bed every other minute. Jeff sees how special Stormy is beyond the bedroom but he can’t quite understand why she has such cold feet where he’s concerned.

From their initial wild night together through the nascence of their relationship, Stormy and Jeff learn how spankings can be sexy and yet mighty effective at curbing unwanted behavior. But will Jeff be able to convince Stormy to take a chance on love?

And you can read an excerpt here.

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