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Quick! Let’s dash into Horny Hump Day for our weekly erotica flash. Just three sexy sentences for you from a host of erotica authors.

handlingstormy_cover_fullI’m revisiting Handling Stormy this week. It’s been on the Amazon Top 100, in the top 15 in the Native American Category, ever since it was published. Remember, it’s a revitalization of my earlier book, Bourbon & Branch Water. I think you’ll like it better, but if you bought the original, you might want to get a copy of The Winner: Romantek Book One or The Strong, Silent Type instead. They also have a Native American protagonist to add a soupçon of the exotic to the romance, and The Strong, Silent Type is also a story about Stormy Stillwater’s family.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a segment from Handling Stormy. In this segment, sexy sounds prevail. I wish I had an audio track to accompany this one, but I’m afraid I’d be embarrassed. 🙂

Stormy caressed his biceps, murmured encouragement as he plunged in and pulled out, in and out.

It didn’t take but a few minutes before Stormy, still reeling from her first orgasm, rose to crescendo heights again finally crying out with the impact of her second frantic climax. Jeff came with her, his sound of pleasure perhaps the sexiest thing Stormy had ever heard before.

If you want more Handling Stormy, you can pick up your Amazon copy here, or dive on over to the Mecca of all spanking books, Blushing Books, where all formats are available. To wet your whistle, you can read the blurb and an excerpt here.

Don’t forget to visit all the other Horny Hump Day authors’ sites!


  1. yes, that would be very sexy to hear. some men, have the most arousing orgasm articulations. great snippet.

  2. A partnered orgasm is a powerful thing. I love how you described the scene.

  3. Boy, that sounded satisfying! I think you’re right about the audio track, Trish! However, you’ve written it so well, we can still hear their passion. Great job!

  4. Love it when a couple releases at the same time! Very satisfying. XX

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