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What lovely things to wake up to this morning, a snow-covered hillside on the west side of our condo, and a 5 star review for The Winner: Romantek Book One from Manic Readers.

To date, Romantek has gotten rave reviews on Amazon and at Blushing Books — the majority, 5 stars. If you haven’t read this book yet, maybe you should, or if you have read it (thank you!), maybe you should get a holiday copy for a friend.

Go here to read the Manic Readers review.

Cover: The Winner: Romantek Book OneAn excerpt can be found here. And here’s the back cover copy:

Audrey Beacon has won a fabulous vacation and is whisked away to her prize: a RAVE, a dream-generated reality adventure.

While in her 1850s dream, Audrey meets White Star, a Native American man who spanks to help Audrey improve her attitude and behavior.

Coming back to the real world is tough, and worse when Audrey realizes that White Star might be a real person and not an avatar.

M/F, sci-fi, time travel, erotic, spanking romance.

You can purchase The Winner: Romantek Book One at Blushing Books right now. All formats available.

You can also get it on:,,, and

Thanks again, dear readers, and my great thanks to Blushing Books for having faith in me.


  1. Congratulations, Trish!
    This was a great story!

  2. I loved the book. If I won I would go to the future where there would be a cure for Alzheimer’s and I would have my husband with me for a long time.

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