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Saturday Spankings

How many times can you be spanked? Thirty? We’ve got about that many bloggers participating in the Saturday Spankings hop this week. That’ll keep you hoppin’ for a little while. I hope you’re having fun!

thistle 10402719_sI’m celebrating the pending release of my latest book, The Girl with the Thistle Tattoo. It’s the story of Cal Chesterfield and his new sweetheart, Astraea. You might remember Cal from Kiki’s Millionaire.

In this Saturday Spankings segment, Astraea thinks Cal wants her to take off her pants in order to fool around, but the fool here is Astraea. Cal has another occupation in mind.

Confused, Astraea moved to sit on his lap, but he stopped her again. “Not to sit. To lie over. I’m going to spank you for being so stubborn that you can’t see your own self-worth.”

“S-spank me?” Wow. She’d been spanked during sex before, but never as a…what was this? A punishment?

Well, naughty girls get spanked. What else could she expect?

For more info on Thistle, check out these pages: blurb and excerpt available.

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  1. Heat + pain = self-esteem. Great snippet, Patricia!
    -Angie S.

  2. Such a sweet scene… her first punishment.

  3. Naughty girls get spanked… I have a feeling this is the first of many for poor Astraea. Great name BTW

  4. She has a lot to learn about him. Lol!

  5. A very good reason to spank, especially if adequate warning has been given first. Can’t wait to read this book, Trish. Enticing snippet.

  6. Well, that says a lot in a few words! I’d dig it:)

  7. very interesting 🙂 the snippet is gorgeous

  8. Yes! yes, I do remember Cal from Kiki’s millionaire. I kind of had a crush on him ~giggles~

  9. Leigh Smith (aka Sunny Girl)

    I can just imagine how she feels, nice snippet.

  10. Fantastic distillation of something that goes straight to the core of a spanko’s soul!

  11. Now there’s a tattoo worthy statement – “Naughty girls get spanked”. I wonder how she going to feel about this.

  12. I read your blurb. I like the way you describe the characters and their situations. The snippet you’ve presented does supports the story well.

  13. Oh yes, I love spankings to improve self-worth! Yay.

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