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Are you ready for another Horny Hump Day? I am! It’s hard to say whether the holidays are rushing toward me, or if I’m dragging before my vacation starts. I know Horny Hump Day will pick us both up.

thistle silhouette 20625395_sThis week, I’m sharing another tidbit from The Girl with the Thistle Tattoo, due out soon from Blushing Books.

In this segment, Astraea and Cal are making out on his couch. She’s rather prone to jumping in with both feet, but he likes to take things a little slower.

“Can I give you head?” It was a question no man had ever said no to. It was, in fact, a rhetorical question, but Cal surprised her.

You’ll have to read the book to know his answer.

Please wend your way to the other Horny Hump Day authors’ sites, and see what mischief they’re up to today.

Thanks for joining me!


  1. Oh, what a tease. Will he say yes or no?

  2. Astraea certainly isn’t a shy violet. Cal’s going to have his hands full reigning her in! Great tease this week, Trish!

  3. Astrea is definitely straightforward, and if his response surprised her when she assumed her question was rhetorical, then I guess he wants to do something else instead. Can’t wait to read and find out what he’s got in mind.

  4. I’m very curious as to what his surprise answer is too. I hope it’s a good kind of surprise!

  5. Wow, she’s very straightforward. 🙂 And a great hook to make me want to read more. XX

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