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How many prizes have you won lately? I’ll bet your answer is “not enough!” I absolutely agree with you. But to win prizes, you have to enter contests. Here’s one for you: Ana’s Advent Calendar. You go to and leave a comment answering the question (easy questions) every day, and every day you have another chance to win. You don’t have to bounce around. The prizes are worth hundreds of dollars. There are so many prizes, more than 100, that I can’t list them here. Go here for a peek. I am giving away two books, and one of them has already been won and delivered. This is the real deal, people.

You have to sign up before you can participate. This is where you do it. It’s also easy and has no skill test. 🙂

The event ends on December 24, so hurry up and go!

To reiterate:

1. Sign Up
2. Visit daily through December 24.
3. Answer a simple question.
4. Win! (I can’t guaranty this last one, but your chances are pretty darn good.)

Have fun with the Advent Calendar, and happy holidays!