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Saturday Spankings

A Mouse in His Pocket CoverWelcome! Today’s Saturday Spanking comes from my free Christmas short story, A Mouse in His Pocket. You can find the entire story in two chapters right here on my site, but if you’re not familiar with the tale, here’s a little tidbit which might entice you to read the rest.

In this segment, Jenny has to admit that she’s never been intimate with a man. Buck seems to take it in good grace, though he’s surprised that a woman he finds as attractive as his “little mouse” would be a virgin. Nonetheless, she’s earned herself a spanking, and though he might soften it a little, he’s not going to let her get away without it.

“I’ve never done it at all.” Her voice was a whisper.

She watched from beneath her lashes as his eyebrows shot up.

“Well.” He stared at her until she started to squirm and move to button up her pants. He stayed her hands. “I didn’t say you weren’t going to be spanked. But, we may have to change the order of events. Give me a kiss first.”

This is an unusual relationship, and the sweetest of my stories (no explicit sex). I hope you’ll take a few moments to read a chapter or two. This is a Blushing Books co-release.

There are more stops on this hop. Have fun!

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  1. A perfect offering for this time of year, Trish. I love the fact he’s willing to change his tactics based on her inexperience. Definitely a keeper.

  2. I love Christmas stories with some pink. Yum, yum. It’s like a cookie for the mind. Great snippet.

  3. Ooo! A yummy Christmas spanking for free. Thanks Trish! Christmas has come early on SatSpanks.

  4. lovely snippet. It is such a sweet scene

  5. I like this story. I remember reading it before… but since you brought it up, I had to take another look. Thanks for sharing, Patricia.

  6. I couldn’t resist stopping to read the whole thing. Shiny syndrome. Loved the story:)

  7. I seem to recall having read this on the woodshed. Such a sweet and endearing story. I’ll have to pay it another visit and recapture the warm feelings it left me with the first time around. So lovely that you’re sharing it here for the holidays. TY

  8. Cute. The kiss makes it sweet.

  9. Leigh Smith (aka Sunny Girl)

    Very tempting. I will be back later to read the rest of this story. Thank you for the early Christmas present.

  10. I really liked this!! I’ll be back later to read the rest!

  11. I like this, I mean there is nothing wrong with reading a little hot steamy sex. But I have a great imagination myself and sometime I like to read something a little softer and use the pictures in my own mind.

  12. So sweet and cute and wonderful. I got misty-eyed!

  13. There’s something about Christmas stories that just makes you write them sweet, isn’t there? I will come back to read the whole story– you definitely hooked me!

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