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It’s almost Christmas, so on this festive Horny Hump Day, I’m sharing a little piece of my free Christmastime short story, “A Mouse in His Pocket”. It tells the story of Buck Stillwater and his love, Jenny. You might remember Buck from The Strong, Silent Type. He’s the older brother of The Strong Silent Type’s Drake Stillwater, and Stormy Stillwater of Handling Stormy.

A Mouse in His Pocket Cover“A Mouse in His Pocket” is a “sweet” story, insofar as it has no explicit sex. That’s a bit unusual for me, but it’s just right for this tale.

In this segment, Buck is contemplating Jenny with a different kind of sensual curiosity.

He wondered if she might ever be naughty enough to require a spanking. Did she have a bratty streak?

She looked at him oddly as he grinned at the thought of her over his knees.

You can find the whole story here on my site in two chapters. Free. My holiday gift to you, this year and every year.

Please hop over to the other Horny Hump Day authors’ sites, and spread some holiday cheer with a comment or two.


  1. I’m sure the expression on his face had her wondering what he was thinking. Question is, would she find the idea exciting? Probably so…. Also perfect for the holidays.

  2. I think his speculation is very sweet. And now I’m wondering if she can be naughty too. I’ll have to download and find out! Sweet treat this week!

  3. I wonder if she’s reading his mind!

  4. Definitely piqued my curiosity. XX

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