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Image credit: <a href=''>milosljubicic / 123RF Stock Photo</a>No, I’m sure you won’t believe it, but it really is International Skeptics Day. No kidding!

What does one do to celebrate International Skeptics Day? You could:

  • Never judge a book by its cover.
  • Insist that you’re from the Show Me state (Missouri).
  • Listen to the evening news.
  • Explain the birds and the bees to your children. (They’ll be skeptics immediately.)
  • Watch any television commercial that includes the words, “Wait! There’s more!”

I’m sure you can think of others as well. Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite skeptical pursuit.

Enjoy International Skeptics Day. I really mean that. ~sigh~



  1. LOL, is that like when I ask my husband if my butt looks ok in the new jeans I am wearing; and he takes a long breath before saying,
    “Yeah, honey. You look great!”

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