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1 candle 9742991_sHello, everyone!

I wanted to share an anniversary with you: this is my 1 year anniversary for my move to Calgary, Alberta. Although we’ve lived in Canada before, there has been so much to learn, to experience, and to revel over with this change of lifestyle.

We moved in January 2013 dragging our household and waiting 28 full days for our goods to arrive after we got here, and through the year, we went through a serious medical scare and a flood that drove us out of our home for almost 2 weeks and cost us money in damages. That doesn’t even mention the work-related changes that go with taking on a new job (for my husband) and finding a new working rhythm (for me).

I’ve been lucky to remain with my wonderful publishers, and to fall into step without too many bumps. I achieved my 7 book publication goal, though at times, I wondered if I could do it.

While all this turmoil has been going on, I have to say that the Canadians and especially the Calgarians have been a huge bright spot. They are cheerful, helpful, incredibly efficient, and good people. Everyone we’ve dealt with has been wonderful. I feel like we’ve made friends with so many folks, people we respect. And though I miss my American friends and the feeling of being among my own countrymen, I also have come to belong here. I might shed a tear when I hear a particularly good rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, but I’ve also learned all the words to O Canada and sing them right along with everyone else.

The big social event of the year, the Calgary Stampede, was so much fun, too. It’s a rodeo like no other — and I’ve been to a few when we lived in Texas. I highly recommend coming here for the event, which will be its 102nd year. Make your hotel reservations soon, they sell out every year. We’ll be going again, doing it even bigger this year.

If you haven’t been to Canada, why not come visit your neighbors to the north? No matter where you go in this awesome country, you’ll be meeting people who care about making you welcome.

This has been an amazing year. Thank you for sharing it with me.



  1. Happy Anniversary !! You sound super positive and I’m really happy that things have gone so well for you and I wish you an even better 2nd year!

  2. It’s so hard to believe that it’s been a year since you moved, Trish! Time does fly–having fun or not! But it sounds like, with a few exceptions, you have been having fun and being productive in your adoptive country. Here’s to a bright 2nd year in the North! If I can ever get my act together I’d love to visit you and Canada both. 🙂

    • The year has gone by very quickly. Probably because something was always going on! You are always welcome to come visit, Jenna. I’d love to see you again. 🙂

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