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braille 9751566_sBraille. It’s the difference between a person who escapes to magical, fictional worlds, and a person who’s stuck with TV laugh tracks for entertainment. Imagine how important Braille is to so many people. Did you know that more than 7 million people in the US, and more than 1 million in Canada, have significant vision loss impacting their ability to perform normal activities. That’s a lot of people! Many of these people rely on Braille materials to enhance their lives, including reading a newspaper or magazine article, enjoying classic books, writing letters and taking notes, and reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. Blind folks listen to audio books as well. But Braille materials and audio books offer only a small segment of what’s available to the rest of us.

This also happens to be Louis Braille’s birth month. He was revolutionary, impacting so many people’s lives positively.

Here’s a place those of you reading this blog post can go to learn more about Braille, and especially to volunteer, make a donation, or find out what’s available to the blind.

Blind people don’t need to be left out, and thanks to Louis Braille, they won’t be.

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  1. You always find the most interesting holidays to promote, Trish! I had no idea it was National Braille month. I truly appreciate the gift of sight as the most important of all the senses–at least to me it is. Kudos to Mr. Braille for his phenomenal system!

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