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couple with cake 14213515_sThere is always something to celebrate around here. And this week, I hope I haven’t got to you too late. Did you realize that yesterday (Sunday the 26th) was Spouse’s Day? Tell me you didn’t forget! Oh, no! Quick, hurry out and get your babe a cake, as today (Monday the 27th) is Chocolate Cake Day. Whew! That might save your bacon.

But seriously (or as serious I can get in a lighthearted post), a day for spouses is a good idea. Talk about putting a little romance back into a marriage — and I’m all for romance. Just read any of my books and you’ll see. I’m glad someone thought Spouse’s Day up. We have days for birthdays, religious holidays, Grandparents’ Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. There’s also a Children’s Day. But is Valentine’s Day enough for your favorite person? I say no, and the guy or gal who came up with Spouse’s Day was a genius. Valentine’s Day is for lovers of all sorts, not necessarily those who call themselves married or espoused. Let’s be specific about our loving celebrations! I want to celebrate my best friend, my partner, and my most trusted collaborator — my husband (or wife). Doesn’t even matter if you’re straight, GBLTQ or polyamorous. If you’ve got someone you call your spouse, that’s all that’s required.

So get that chocolate cake and put a candle on it for every thing you love about your special spousal unit. Celebrate Spouse’s Day!


  1. I missed Spouses Day too. But I’ll celebrate both days tomorrow with my honey. Thanks for the heads up, Trish! Fun post!

  2. Missed Spouse’s day! I do have a gorgeous – toss it all into the food processor- Nigella recipe for chocolate cake… I’ll get going on that!! 🙂

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