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journeys-valentine-fullJourney’s Valentine! I’ve been waiting for so long for this book to make it out into the great wide world, and today’s the day. This is one of my best books ever (or, at least I think so), and, although it’s shorter than the rest of the Journey Family books, it also packs a punch, highlighting Deuce and Pilar Journey as they work out some serious issues. You might remember Deuce and Pilar from Deuce’s Dancer, the fourth book in the Journey series, but you definitely don’t need to have read Deuce’s Dancer to get into Journey’s Valentine.

So, I hope you’ll help me celebrate this long-awaited new release – Journey’s Valentine.

Deuce Journey and his wife Pilar are faced with some tough decisions. Pilar has been offered a new, demanding job with lots of travel, and yet she wants to start a family with Deuce and doesn’t want to have to rely on an au pair to raise her children. She’s torn and irritable for weeks over the difficult decision.

Deuce is patient with the wife he loves with all his heart, but even his patience is worn thin when she has an out-and-out tantrum. He wonders if maybe it isn’t partly his fault, too, for not making her decision for her or putting a decisive end to her childish behavior sooner.

And then Pilar leaves him. Their first Valentines Day together could be a very lonely affair if they don’t find their way back to each other.

Can a little Valentines candy heart be the answer to their prayers?

An excerpt is here.

Available now at Blushing Books (all formats).


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  1. Just bought my copy and can’t wait to read it! I love your Journey series! Congratulations on your newest release, Trish!

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