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couple celebrating in park 14285632_sWouldn’t it be wonderful to have Valentines Day off from work, kids, other responsibilities? If we could do it, we might be able to go to the park with our sweetheart and have a picnic (or an indoor one if the weather is inclement). We might spend the day making love, or shopping, watching movies, or building a snowman. Even sitting together quietly reading, playing footsie, is ultra romantic. You might even pick up a copy of my Valentines book, Journey’s Valentine, and spend a few pleasant hours reading it aloud to each other. I’m pretty sure it would lead to something sexy. Of course, candy and flowers are always nice, but time spent together is so much more important than material things.

It’s great that Valentines Day is on a Friday this week. If you can’t celebrate that day, Saturday is open for all the romantic fun you can pack into 24 hours.

For my Valentines Day, my husband and I have to work, but the day after, we’ll spend the day together, walking around Calgary, shopping a bit; maybe we’ll take in a movie. It’s all about together time, my friends. Don’t hesitate to demand yours. Life is too short to put it off a year.

Happy Valentines Day on Friday!