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Saturday Spankings

Valentine’s Day was yesterday, but it’s a whole weekend of romance this year. Did you know there is an old tradition of getting spankings from your honey on that day?

Well, no there’s not. But I propose we start one!

In the meantime, join me for Saturday Spankings, were a slew of terrific writers share 8 sentences from their books or WIP. This week, in honor of Valentines Day, I’m sharing a snippet from my latest release, Journey’s Valentine, available now at Blushing Books (all formats). This book was originally posted on Bethany’s Woodshed but had finally made its way onto big, bad, Blushing where anyone can pick it up for a pittance. 🙂

journeys-valentine-fullIn this segment, things lead to bad mojo between Pilar and Deuce. It started off with her yelling at him and calling him names.

Her vituperation had gone beyond Deuce’s patience level. “I have feelings, and you’re stomping all over them with hobnail boots, Pilar. You need to get control of yourself or I’m going to paddle your behind and maybe get some sense into you.”

She shouted her response. “You think that solves everything, don’t you! Give Pilar a spanking and the whole world is right again! Well, I’m not going to calm down. I’m upset, and if you had any compassion you’d understand!”

“Over the top” doesn’t begin to describe Pilar’s behavior. Have you ever felt the way Pilar does here?

When Pilar has a terrible tantrum and leaves him, Deuce Journey is brokenhearted.
Can a little Valentines candy heart be the answer to their prayers?

I’m glad to see you hopping through Saturday Spankings. There’s much more to enjoy.

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  1. I love how Deuce talks!
    Yes, I have totally been there. And I have totally needed that stern look (or spanking) to calm down.

    I loved this book!
    Great excerpt.

  2. Now I can’t wait to find out why she’s so upset! Boy, it must have been something bad to have brought on that response. Such an intriguing snippet, Trish. Makes me want to read the book just to find out (as if I didn’t already want to!). 🙂 Excellent teaser!

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