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Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! I’m one of a growing list of spanking authors bringing you a little excerpt from one of my books. This week, I’d like to revisit Journey’s Valentine. This snippet comes right after one I did a couple of weeks ago, here.

journeys-valentine-fullPilar is having a tantrum, and Deuce isn’t very happy about being her target.

Time to put an end to the tantrum. “That’s enough.” He grabbed her by the waist and hauled her over to the bed where he sat down and pulled her over his lap. Her little nightie rode up her back and exposed her bare bottom. He gave her a few spanks while she spit epithets at him. He whacked her several more times. “Get it all out now, Pilar. Scream and kick and cry, but get it all out.”

His goal is Pilar’s catharsis, but in this case, he might not succeed. To read more, you can find the whole book here: Blushing Books (all formats), Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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  1. What great characters. There are many motivations for a spanking and this one is great.

  2. I can just picture this with her little nightie. Awesome!

  3. I had a love/hate relationship with this scene. Sometimes a good spanking is just what we need to sort of release all of the pent up stress… If always depends on the woman and the situation, right? and her man needs to know her really well. Deuce knows Pilar and you wrote this scene perfectly.

  4. Sometimes things are beyond the catharsis stage. Some things hurt too deep for a spanking to purge. I hope Deuce realizes this before it’s too late. I hope Pilar comes back from her dark place. Intense scene here, Trish. Well done.

  5. Deuce is so good at knowing what she needs.
    I love “get it all out”.
    Great excerpt, Trish!

  6. Nicely done, Patricia. He knew exactly what she needed!!

  7. Therapeutic spankings, just as important. Emotional and sexy!

  8. Nice active scene. Good job.

  9. Spaking can provide such a release, and she sounds as if she is in need of one. Too many pent up negative emotions. Thanks for sharing.

  10. “That’s enough” … Yep, those two little words get me every time. But it wasn’t the right time for Pilar, was it? Oh well, maybe later 🙂

  11. “Time to put an end to the tantrum.” We all know what that means. Gulp…

  12. Getting it all out… can be such a healing and comforting process, and you flavored this so nicely in your prose…

  13. Spanking can be healing, absolutely, and in a way, it’s the tender side of this.

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