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Thank you for dropping by for my Monday holiday post. I realize that these have little to do with writing, but I don’t want to beat the same drum (“buy my book!”) over and over again. Of course, if you love me, you’ll buy my books anyway. 🙂

Today was National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day. That was a little silly, to my way of thinking, so I looked around for another holiday this week. Turns out, Wednesday the 26th is Make Your Own Holiday Day. Now that’s something I can get into.

sun worship 10507263_sIf I was making my own holiday, I’d re-create Sol Invictus Day. No, not a guy named Solomon or Solly, but the big orange ball in the sky, our very own sun, Sol. This was a holiday that was celebrated by Romans in the second century, and by Christians in the fourth century. Traditionally, it was held on December 25. Yes, that same day that we now know as Christmas. Poor Sol took a backseat. Originally, it was about how the light was finally returning (birth of the sun) after the long winter absence. Those long nights were changing slowly to longer days, and that seemed like a pretty good thing to party over.

And, of course, pagans worshiped the sun before recorded history. Too bad we don’t know what they did exactly, but it might not have been very nice, so it might be just as well.

When you think about it, Sol is the perfect object of worship. Without the sun, we wouldn’t be here. It is the source of all energy, all food, light, warmth, and, of course, vitamin D (heh). Even if you think it was created by an omnipotent God, you have to admit that Sol is strong, powerful, beautiful and fearsome. It doesn’t actually go away, ever, even at night, because its glorious light shines somewhere in the world at all times, and lights up our moon as well.

So, given my options, I’d re-create Sol Invictus Day. I might not “worship” the sun god, but I can definitely say I’d celebrate the sun’s existence.

What holiday would you create?



  1. I would definitely support Sol Invictus Day. I’ve lived in a couple of cold, cloudy climates and appreciate sunlight.

    • It’s funny, Cara. When we were preparing to move to Calgary, we looked up the weather patterns, thinking that it would be cloudy and snowy for up to six months of the year. Happily, however, it turns out that Calgary has one of the sunniest climates in Canada. It gets cold here, even bitterly cold, but the sun keeps shining. I love that about living here.

  2. Love this concept and the thought behind it Trish… My own preference would be an “International Friendship Day” -to celebrate those people close and dear to you that bring joy, companionship, an ear for listening,and their own inspiration, thoughts, encouragement, love and ideals to you on a daily, weekly and yearly basis…

    On this day, Bette Midler’s “You’ve Got to Have Friends” and James Taylor’s “You’ve Got a Friend” could be presented yearly in celebration of and to champion those we cherish and covet in our lives daily…

    And of course one more way to engage this day would be the coveted “Spank-a-Friend” -to celebrate the life and style you’re comfortably embraced in… *smile*

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