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woman with purple hair 23735981_sNo, not really. I like my red hair. But tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, and I thought that some year, when I’m feeling really impish, I might dye my hair with temporary purple dye, and surprise my husband. Now, mind you, my hair is nearly thigh length, so that would take a lot of dye and a lot of effort, so the joke might be on me. But it would be fun to see the look on his face. That single minute of astonishment hasn’t been enough to spur me on to doing it, but you never know.

Are you doing something for April Fool’s Day? Do you normally play pranks on April 1? What’s the craziest (harmless) prank you’ve encountered?

Enjoy your silly celebration. I wonder where I can get purple dye anyway.



  1. My oldest got me good he was in the living room screaming rat a rat MOM there is a rat. It was 600 am and his dad and I jump out of bed and ran across the house to find a few laughing children They did good lol lol but I will get them back Oh and we all get up between 6/615 so the time wasn’t a big deal…….Happy April fools

    • Happy April Fool’s day to you, too, Angel. You’ve got some clever kiddos. Sounds like the whole family got a laugh to start the day. That’s what the day should be about.

  2. I will be giving a pop quiz tomorrow in my 4th grade math class on nothing they have seen before ( I think a couple of trig problems should do the trick). Can’t wait to see their faces… They actually warned me last week to watch out for April Fools Day coming on Tuesday so I am hoping to get them instead. LOL

    • Oh that’s a good one, Renee! It would be like expecting English students to read Lorum Ipsum. I wish you a happy April Fool’s Day. Hopefully, your students know a harmless prank from one that’s dangerous.

  3. I do believe that my funniest April fools joke was when my Hubby was sure I was trying to get him when I told him I was having a baby I was for real but he wouldn’t believe me even had the boys teasing me it took them the whole day to finale believe me lol lol I didn’t think it was funny at the time I was starting to get upset lol I didn’t even think of the day it was just we decided to was enough and our youngest was 6 so when I realized I just was so excited

    • A non-prank on the wrong day! That must have been mighty frustrating. I’m glad he finally believed you — but he’d have seen the evidence soon enough. Happy April Fool’s Day! (A day early.)

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