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easter 27248294_sI hope you all had a lovely Easter, yesterday. My weekend has been very relaxing.

Growing up in the US, I’d never heard of “Easter Monday” but when I moved to Canada, I got to experience this new holiday. Since Easter falls on a Sunday every year, and many businesses do not give a day off for Good Friday, governments all over the world have adopted this holiday, which comes from traditional or Orthodox Christianity.

What does one do on Easter Monday? Egg rolling, visiting friends, enjoying family, having picnics, going to church, all have a part in Easter Monday. Now, although I was a Christian as a little girl (converting to Judaism when I was in my 30s and then to atheism in my 40s), we didn’t have a day off from school or work. It was just another day. But this year, I get to take a day off and enjoy some springtime sunshine (if it’ll stop snowing), and maybe spend an hour in the local pub hoisting a pint.

I wish you all a happy Easter Monday, wherever you are. If you can’t have the day off, you can write a letter to congress extolling the virtues of another federal holiday. Who knows? If there are enough cards and letters… We can wish!

Thank you for your time today. Come back again soon!



  1. Spring and sunshine sound wonderful, Trish!
    Happy Easter Monday. Enjoy your day 🙂

  2. Excellent idea, Trish. I think I’ll take a holiday today too. I often take a holiday Mulligan on the day after a busy holiday so I have a day to do what I want. Makes me less cranky about all the crazy holiday obligations that often make holidays very stressful for me.

    • Holidays are very stressful. My least favorite is Mother’s Day because my mom has been gone so long and because my daughters aren’t local to share the day with me. I cry all day. 🙁

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