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Woo-hoo! Charlotte & the Pirate: Romantek Book 2 is now available at Blushing Books — soon on Amazon! Blushing offers all the formats, so you don’t have to wait. This is a M/F, erotic spanking romance, sci-fi, time travel, set on the high seas of 1720 and the future c 2150.

charlotte-and-the-pirate_romBk2Here’s a little synopsis:

Charlotte Darrell is ugly, scarred and damaged both inside and out. Her only hope is to buy a Romantek dream vacation and hope that their rejuvenation process can heal her horrid blemish and restore her life back to what it was before her accident. But her virtual reality dream isn’t all she expected.

Rex Boyd is a counter cyber-terrorism expert, working for Romantek. The company is aware that someone is trying to break into their operations and terrorize paying customers. Rex hopes to protect one of the most vulnerable, the rich and influential Marie Carthage.

Once in the dream, fighting the terrorist who has gotten access to Romantek’s system, Rex finds the situation confounded by Charlotte’s presence. Is she a paying customer like Marie, or is she part of the terrorist’s network, there to do harm to Marie and start a firestorm of lawsuits that would bankrupt Romantek? And how will he ever reconcile his feelings for her with his suspicions?

Charlotte finds herself in love and in danger. The dream has become a nightmare, and there doesn’t seem to be a path toward happiness.

Read an excerpt here.


  1. I just finished it and I predict it will be at the top of the charts. I will do a review tomorrow. You left a good opener for book 3. You go, girl.
    Big hugs, Laurel

    • Thanks so much, Laurel! You gave me a big, happy smile. Book 3 is already finished, and it doesn’t utilize that opening; it’s got a whole different set of issues. I’m saving that for Book 4. Book 3 should come out in May (no exact date yet). Thanks again!

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